New Hairstyles for Women

New Hairstyles for Women With Wigs

As we reach the end of the first month of the new year, Hollywood’s best and brightest are beginning to walk every red carpet of the award season. I live for award season, but oftentimes I prefer the red carpet pre-show to the actual ceremonies - unless it’s the Grammy’s or the Tony’s as those award shows are far more entertaining to watch. 

This year, we are seeing past trending haircuts come back in style and making an appearance once again in the spotlight. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the latest hair trends, trending haircuts, and whatever happened to Ariana Grande’s famous ponytail.

Wig Color Trends for 2019

2019 is the year of bold beauty. From runway makeup to having your outfit game on point, this year is the year for everyone to step out of the beauty comfort zone. And, the best way to start is changing up your hair. I have always had ginger hair, and when people first meet me, it is the first thing that they notice. The power of your hair to make an impression is profound and for those who are looking to take it to a new level, here are two options you should consider: 

The Two-Toned Bombshell Wigs

Taking a page out of Selena Gomez’s lookbook, her debut on the red carpet scene this year came with a two-toned blonde look - with darker roots and light ends. The blunt color difference (instead of last years ombre trend) is a strong look that proves that what once was a fashion faux pas is now a hair trend.

Selena Gomez | Two toned hair Get Selena's Look with a Mid-Length Wavy Wig

2. The Ultraviolet Edge

Pantone declared 2018’s color of the year to be Ultra Violet - and it has already taken the beauty world by storm. From inspiring a makeup line to adding just a touch of edge to any hair style, for those looking for something a bit more adventurous, this is the path for you. If this violet is a bit too bold, try something in the same purple family. Check out our article about how to incorporate Ultra Violet into your life! Talk with your colorist before you just grab a box of at home hair dye to find the perfect color for you. Found your perfect purple shade but don't want to commit? Try colored extensions or wigs!

Ultraviolet Hair | Wigs.com23" Color Splash Pony by Hairdo 


Time For a Short Wig!

Don’t be scared, going for a short cut wig to start the new year may seem a bit intimidating, but it can actually be wonderfully refreshing.

A few cuts that are already hitting red carpets are the blunt bob and the “lob”, also known as the long bob. In many celebrity cuts, one style of bangs that I haven’t seen hitting the covers of magazines in many years is curtain bangs.

Now, if anything I just said seems entirely foreign, DO NOT PANIC! When you are considering any new wig style, I always suggest to discuss your ideas with your stylist, because they might be able to steer you in a direction that is best suited to frame your face. Curtain bangs work on most face shapes, but whatever you do, take a lesson from online beauty blogger fails and leave the bang cutting to the professionals.

Blonde Wig With Bangs

Paige Petite by Envy


Long Ponytail Hairpiece

Last year, my twitter was almost crashed with images of Ariana without her signature ponytail. Back in the day, when Ariana was first hitting the red carpet during her days on Victorious, everyone was asking how she came up with that statement look; and the answer shocked everyone. 

Her decision to create that high pony was to hide major damage done to her hair due to the constant coloring of her hair from her normal brown to fire truck red for her character “Cat” on the television show. Though it has been years since her debut on Nickelodeon, I was shocked at the time to learn that this was a tactic she employed to hide the damage done to her hair. 

Long Ponytail Wig Piece

Get Ariana's Pony with PB-Rose by Vivica Fox

But then, I had other questions. Firstly and most importantly, if she had all of that damage, how did she have that much hair in a ponytail. Then it all became clear: she was wearing extensions! Lightweight, non-damaging extensions gave the look of a sleek put together look while still allowing her hair time to heal and grow back healthy.

This is a great trick that anyone can use if they have had hair damage due to heat or chemical treatments, consider this option to help your keep your confidence strong as your natural hair heals and regains its health.


Chopped locks, two-toned bombshells, and more... what other trending hair cuts and latest hair color trends are you looking forward to in 2019?

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