Night Hairstyle

Night Hairstyle

Taking a look from day to night is one of easiest things to do. Some people even have an emergency glam kit stowed away in their car for a swift day to night transformation. We love having these products in our kits:

  • A mini hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • A never-fail shade of lipstick
  • A favorite perfume rollerball or purse spray 

It’s always a good idea to have an emergency glam kit, but not everyone has one. So, if you get the chance to plan the night before, you will have no problem taking your look from day to night for the following day. Subtle changes such as a lip color, adding or subtracting jewelry, and switching out shoes makes for the best day to night transformations. Styling your hair, on the other hand, can be a little tricky.

Best Night Time Hairstyles 

For instance, you can have big bouncy curls in the morning, but by mid afternoon, they fall just a little. And, by the time the evening comes around, the curls will likely look a bit tired if not completely flat. If it just so happens to be date night, this becomes a major issue. This is where planning comes in to save the day, so you can avoid a flat hairstyle when it comes time for you to take your look from day to night.


Night Hairstyle


One of the best hairstyles to try, that can take anyone from day to night, is a braid; you can do a traditional three-strand braid, Fishtail, French, or Dutch braid. Whichever style of braid you prefer it’s a super simple hairstyle for work, the gym, grocery shopping, or any of your daytime activities. The best part of having a braid hairstyle is the endless styles you can actually do. You can make two pigtail braids and create a crown braid style for a soft bohemian look. You can make a cascading braid going down one side of the head, or even do a high ponytail with a loose fishtail braid. And, if you prep your hair with a daily leave-in protectant, your style will be protected and hydrated all day long! There are hundreds of variations of braid styles that are perfect for daytime wear and even more ways to turn those styles into beautiful night time hairdos.

Think about it; what does your hair look like when you take a braid out? You get those beautiful soft waves that not only look like the natural wave pattern of your hair but, an effortless hairstyle perfect for date night, girls night out, or any other night time festivity. Simply taking out your braid and shaking your hair out for your night time look is only one of the many options of how you can take your braided hairstyle from day to night.


Night Hairstyle


Let’s say you actually took your time on a sleek fishtail braid this morning that you know can last all day; there’s no need to take it down, you can simply spruce up the hairstyle by gently loosening up the braid. You can also pull out a few hair strands to help frame the face. Bonus Tip: add in some embellished bobby pins for a really cool night-time, glam look.


Taking your look from day to night is actually pretty exciting. It feels like the days are fuller and you can shed a layer of yourself or, even better, transform into your truest self.  Going from day to night is the ultimate refresher, so the next time you have to take your look from day to night, make the transformation count!


How do you transform your hairstyle from day to night?

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