Our Favorite Amore Wigs

Our Favorite Amore Wigs

Love! As we inch closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, the word is buzzing around in everyone’s heads. Here at Wigs.com, we’re all atwitter about a certain wig brand - the only one named after love itself. Amore - it’s Italian for “love” but it’s also the name of a major wig manufacturer.
Amore is a brand under the umbrella of Aderans Hair Goods. The company is responsible not only for Amore but also for Noriko and Rene of Paris, two other brands we proudly stock at Wigs.com.
The brand is known for its dedication to comfortable wigs. Each Amore wig is designed with the wearer in mind, with a particular focus on those with hair loss and sensitive scalps.
Certain causes of hair loss, such as chemotherapy, can cause scalp irritation and hypersensitivity. Armed with this knowledge, most of Amore wigs are made with a monofilament top. This feature makes the wig breathable and light for all-day comfort.
Amore wigs are created for everyday wear. If you’d like to add a new piece to your daily routine, check out our favorite picks below! To see all of our Amore wigs, click here


Brandi Wig by Amore
If you prefer some length in a wig, meet Brandi. This synthetic wig is cut into long flattering layers and they cascade past the shoulders. The front layers swoop down towards the chin, offering a great opportunity for a dramatic side bang.
Customer Svetlana adores the Brandi wig. “It is without a doubt the most natural-looking wig out there. I'm ordering 3 of them the minute I get my paycheck.”


Codi by Amore


Codi is a cool angled bob, meaning it’s shorter in the back and gradually gets longer in the front. This trendy cut stops right at the chin for the perfect face frame. It comes styled with a side bang that can be trimmed or style into various bangs, including a trendy wispy one.

Our customer Lisa B. loves this wig. "The fit is beautiful. I'm a cancer patient is so it was so nice just to put it on and not have to bother with a lace front."


Tatum by Amore
Tatum may be an unconventional name, but this look is a classic one. The center part and blunt fringe is a well-loved style. This chin-length wig comes in beautifully blended hues.
Jay, a Wigs.com customer, found their favorite wig in Tatum. “Of all wigs, this is the wig I would buy over and over again, and go into mourning if it were no longer available. No kidding, I would be devastated.”


Stevie Wig by Amore
We love Stevie! These long flowy layers stop at the mid-back, giving breathtaking length. You’ll be bringing attention to your gorgeous eyes though with Stevie’s pretty wispy bang. 

Our beautiful customer Pam thinks "Stevie is a beautiful wig! It fits very well and looks like real hair."  


Erin Wig by Amore
Amore makes comfortable wigs without a doubt, but with pieces like Erin, they also have spectacular no-fuss options. This chin-length bob has a straight-across bang and all-over fullness. This wig only needs a quick shake before it’s ready to wear!
This Amore wig has made one customer so grateful. “It’s perfect. I have thinning hair due to medical reasons and medication. This beautiful bob has restored my self-confidence. Thank you Amore!”
Whether you need a wig due to medical issues or you just want a stylish new piece, Amore has a look for every style and need!

Let us know your experiences with Amore wigs in the comments or on our forum!


Hello Kathryn,

We would be more than happy to assist you with additional colors and styles! We will need a little bit more information from you, for example, the desired length, cut, cap construction, and fiber.

Please give us a call at your convenience and one of our Wig Experts would be happy to assist you.

Please call toll-free 1-800-581-2001 M-F 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM CST. or email customerservice@beautyandhair.com.

Best Regards,

The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

Please show me colors & styles I can use along w/
prices. From claw pony tail extensions to full wigs
wigs in bob styles to the shoulder & above in red-
blonde w/hilites. From $50-$150 in synthetic if it’s
doable. Thanks; Kathrynbanda

Kathryn Banda

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