Out Of The BLUE!

Out Of The BLUE!

Guest blogger, Wendy, is one of our community influencers. Read her experience with "Out of the Blue" by Hairdo!


Trying out a new wig for the first time is like test-driving a BMW—you KNOW you look cool, but you’re scared as shiz that somebody is going to point out that the car you’re driving, isn’t YOUR car at all—and, as a matter of fact, YOU drive a moped.

Oh, I’m no stranger to “the fear”. Just last weekend, I test drove my “Out Of The Blue” wig by Hairdo. She’s a synthetic (she’s fake hair, yo), heat-friendly (I can blow dry, straighten, curl —or even crimp her) breathtaking pastel blue wig with very natural looking roots. I still have enough bio hair to pull out a border around my hairline that I blend with the edges of the wig hair—-it makes the hairline look like mine (seriously). The hair itself is totally realistic and I felt like I was killing it with that cut—a short, face-framing bob equals fabulous! I was FEELING IT.  I worked my whole outfit around her, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror—it was selfie heaven...Until I saw my seven-year-old son. He stared at me in shock. And not the good shock either—the "holy cow!" kind. When his six-year-old sister saw me she said, rather nonchalantly, ”I don’t very much like it. It’s too light and it looks like it’s for a boy.” …And with the spontaneous observations of children, my already fragile confidence was trashed. So, what did I do? Honestly, first I stared at myself in the mirror, defeated, trying to figure out where my wig went wrong. Just moments earlier, I felt like Katy Perry. What happened? I’ll tell you what happened—I let a coupla kids mess with my head. And here’s the thing- you can’t pull off wearing a pastel blue wig unless you have the confidence to pull off wearing a pastel blue wig. So, I had some work to do. I talked myself back up. Sometimes you have to be your own motivational speaker, even if you aren’t feeling motivated.

I made a deal with myself—-wear it for one day. Get through ONE day. Deep inside, I knew that the comments of small children shouldn’t affect me in such a big way. On the surface, however, I wanted to crawl into a hole. When I looked in the mirror, I expected to see Beauty Queens Gone Bad. Instead, I saw that same gorgeous gal with that beautiful blue bravery sprouting from my head. I mean, come on—at some point in life, you have to stop caring what other people think. Did my kids’ opinions change my wig? No. Then it shouldn’t have changed how I felt wearing it. I was still driving a BMW. Sure, it wasn’t mine, but I felt pretty awesome in the driver’s seat. I just had to rev that engine loud enough so all I could hear were my own confident thoughts. I had a bad-a** set of wheels and I was ready to roll! Seriously—-most people don’t have the guts to test drive a BMW (or a blue wig), so you’re already cool by default. And once that confidence grows, it glows. And people notice. I went on that day to get several compliments—-and from adults, too!

Out of the Blue by Hairdo


Isn't Wendy beautiful?! :)

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