Party Hair Ideas

Party Hair Ideas

Written by Community Ambassador, Diane.

Weddings, Proms, Graduations &’s time to party and you want to be the bell of the ball. Savvy women know how to keep their hair from wilting before midnight by choosing a fun, fashionable wig or hairpiece.


Party Hair Ideas


When you think about your special occasions, think hair first. Plan ahead, shop for your perfect hair style before you shop for the dress. Especially when you are planning your wedding look. What better way to guarantee you’ve chosen the perfect dress than to try them on WITH your hair style in place? If you are thinking of an updo, wear it - you will instantly know how the whole package is going to look from behind when you are standing in front of everyone. If you are thinking of going long and your own hair doesn’t quite reach the can add the length you need. Want more volume to fill out your veil or tiara? Toppers can be woven into your hair accessories for a flawless, picture perfect finish. You can achieve the exact look you are dreaming of when you bring your hair to the fittings.

Have a look in mind for your bridesmaids? They can all have the perfect off the shoulder pony, no matter what their actual hair length is. And, you can even find them in accent colors that will match their dresses! Imagine your wedding photos with everything coordinated from head to toe. And don’t forget the mother of the bride. She can have the fullness and volume she wants with a pre-styled updo, a perfectly highlighted pixie or anything in between!

Wigs and hairpieces are the perfect accessory no matter your age. Go long for prom with extension kits, add-ons or color accents. You can add as many as you need to create luxurious lengths that look totally natural...without hours in the salon. Or, you can go totally wild in a full-on fantasy color wig - from sky blue to deep purple! You can be the life of the party in crazy color without commitment.

Make graduation even more fun with a splash of school spirit in your hair. Clip-in hair strips are easy to wear and affordable too! You can find your school colors and add accents where you want them. You can cut them to the length of your own hair and blend them in for an unforgeable look on an unforgettable day.


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From New York to LA Summer is gala season. If you are a party girl you know how many dresses you have to plan for the season. Plan your hair too! You can coordinate your hair style to match each dress and each party theme. And on those special days, with all the things you have to worry about, won’t it be wonderful to know you hair is done? With wigs and hairpieces, you will save hours of time getting ready without the worry. You’ve already chosen your hairstyle and it is going to be perfect. Under all the lights, after all the dancing, even in the humid hair is going to outlast you!


Thank you, Diane!
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