Put On Your Extensions And Take The Perfect Selfie

Put On Your Extensions And Take The Perfect Selfie

You’ve pulled out your compact three times… every time fearing that something else may be out of place. Whether you're taking senior pictures, a group family photo, or just trying to get that perfect Snapchat to send to your beau; pictures are like a whole resume. As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words, it can now be the difference between getting what you want and what you don’t.

Clip In Hair Extensions Take Perfect Pics


Perfecting your photo look is easier than it seems. While incorporating a few new tips and tricks - or dusting off some old habits - you will soon be read to take a perfect photo from any angle.

Long, Sleek, Selfie Perfect Hair Styles

Get long, sleek, selfie perfect hair with hair extensions.


First - here are some things to avoid:
  • Overly styled hair. Hear me out on this. Many photographers agree that unless you are going for the “helmet head” look, having overly styled hair can prove to be your downfall in photos. Looks like these tend to be too severe or even fake.
  • If you have thin hair, avoid a high and tight ponytail. If you're someone with thin hair, slicking your hair up into a high ponytail, can give off the look of having much more hair.


Now - here are some of the best tips I have learned to work on that snatched hair look:
  • Start with a gloss! Many filters will give off this same effect, but forgo the filter with an easy and fast treatment you can get done at most salons. My favorite is the Redken gloss treatment. The treatment takes about 20 minutes and its results are more than what I could hope for. This gentle demi-permanent hair color will boost your hair’s natural hue while adding a glossy shine. Helping to boost the look of your hair-color, while adding vibrancy and shine to your strands, this treatment will leave your hair looking sleek and full bodied.
  • If you are going for a bouncy, beachy-wave texture, try to use multiple hair tools. For instance, you can use a thinner, more pointed curling iron for tighter spirals and a larger, more cylindrical iron for looser waves. When used together, these two irons can help you create natural, mermaid-like curls. It is also key to remember that anytime you are using a heated hair styler, before you start use a heat sealer to protect your hair from unnecessary heat damage.
  • Go a little messy. I know this sounds bizarre. I mean, why would you want messy hair when you are taking a photo? Simple, to make it look more natural - this works especially well for curls, waves, and any style where you are looking for texture or a little extra volume. A hairstylist friend of mine once said, just when you think you’ve styled your hair perfectly… toss your coif around to loosen things up. This last-minute ‘messing’ offers just the right amount of natural movement.

Tips For The Perfect Selfie

Let’s be honest, when we take selfies, we take anywhere from 5 to 6,000 to find that perfect shot. Take time when you are getting ready and don’t try to force your hair into anything that it may not want to settle into. Hair is very finicky, so sometimes it takes a few tries to achieve the style you are looking for. The most important piece of advice I can offer when taking a selfie is to have fun! It will show in your pictures.

When you take a photo, face natural light and think of something funny right before you take the photo - I used to have a friend of mine tell me a joke while she snapped my photo. Something about that made the shot candid and soft and seeing myself feel that happy made me feel even better about the photo. Photos should make you happy, so no matter who it's for, let your natural beauty shine through. Let your hair and makeup reflect who you are!

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