Raquel Welch - Bombshell Breakthrough

may 16, 2023


Raquel made it fun and fashionable to wear wigs

Raquel Welch left a legacy as the smart, savvy Creative Director of her own Raquel Welch® Wig Collection. She insisted her collection was a fit for any leading lady, and its mission was to make you feel like you’d just stepped into the spotlight. She insisted that any style in her collection be worthy of a leading lady and make you feel like you’d just stepped into the spotlight.

 “Make it nothing but the best. Then make it better.” 

Through her portrayal of strong female characters in her acting career, Raquel broke the mold of tradition and was even able to challenge Hollywood’s portrayal of the “blonde bombshell”. As a Golden Globe winner and nominee, Raquel was a legendary beauty with vivacious talent. And although most starlets would never give away their beauty secrets, Raquel was different. She made sure that we not only knew her tricks of the trade, but that we had access to them. Long before her line of wigs broke ground in the industry, Raquel wore alternative hair for movie roles and red carpets. Lace front wigs have been around for decades but were initially only available to actors and celebrities. They needed to be professionally styled and applied and expensive.. The Raquel Welch® Wig Collection launched in 1998 and in true Raquel fashion, it broke all traditional molds. Raquel’s mantra is: “Make it nothing but the best. Then make it better.” By scouting the best designers, stylists, and suppliers, the Raquel Welch brand was able to continuously advance in technology, quality, and most importantly believability. Fun fact, the Raquel Welch brand was one of the first to produce a ready-to-wear lace front wig. Raquel was never just a celebrity name on a label, she herself wore her wigs and was truly passionate about making women look and feel beautiful.

High expectations for beautiful styles and great quality ready to wear wigs

“As the Creative Director of the world’s finest wig company, I have the privilege of working with a brilliant team of designers and stylists to develop my collections. Fresh, fashion-forward looks. Loads of natural texture and movement. Styles that are more fun than fuss. The highest quality craftsmanship. Gorgeous, ready-to-wear hair that feels as good as it looks.”

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