Raquel Welch Wigs Spring 2019 Launch

Raquel Welch Wigs Spring 2019 Launch

Best selling wig brand Raquel Welch has done it again! She's given us three new wig styles to add to the growing list of best wigs ever. Her pretty, timeless and functional wig designs are highly sought-after by wig wearers world-wide. Read on to see how she continues to up the ante and keep us wanting more!

3 New Raquel Welch Wigs on Wigs.com

Free Time Wavy Wig

Wavy Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch

Free Time by Raquel Welch

Free Time is a synthetic lace front wig with just the right amount of volume. This style gives long layers that fall below the shoulders and add a soft, feminine touch to tousled tomboy tresses. We love that this look can be dressed up for glamorous appeal or dressed down for everyday, casual wear. 

Some added features we know you'll love:

A temple-to-temple lace front so you can enjoy the freedom to style angled away from the face for a carefree fun day!

A monofilament cap design allows you to part the hair in multiple directions and gives added movement just like natural hair. 

Has a modern-yet-classy design and is made with synthetic fiber you can style with hot tools set at 270° F - 280° F. Just wash your wig in cool water and it will hold it's style - how easy is that!

On Point Bob Wig

Brown Bob Wig by Raquel Welch

On Point by Raquel Welch

Who doesn't love a chic angled bob wig? We know we do! There just something so satisfying about this precision cut that comes to a point several inches from the bottom of the chin, giving it a dramatic and put-together look you can wear to the office or that new upscale restaurant in town. You'll impress every step of the way with an invisible lace front that contours to your head shape.

Even better, it's ready to wear and pre-styled for you so you can be ready in minutes!

On Your Game Short Wig

Blonde Pixie Wig by Raquel Welch

On Your Game by Raquel Welch

This textured and pieced-out pixie wig is so chic it's guaranteed to be your new fav. With just enough height in the crown and closeness in the side, this wig is a great short option for round face shapes. Point-cut bangs keep blunt weight lines away from the forehead and land with softness for a contemporary take on the timeless pixie. 

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Which new Raquel Welch wig is your new favorite? Tell us why you love it in the comment below!


Hi Nancy,

Sheer Indulgence is a line of wigs by Raquel Welch and isn’t the style name. Do you have any further information on the piece? If you can send us pictures our experts are always happy to recommend a style that would similar or find the style if it is still available!

Many thanks,

The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

In may 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer. A local Hair Stylist donated to me Raquel Welch Sheer Indulgence wig.I absolutely love it! Would like to purchase it. Can you help me find it?


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