Reducing Shine on Wigs

Reducing Shine on Wigs

Typically, we all strive for shiny hair. After all, shiny hair means healthy hair. However, when it comes to wigs, too much shine can be a dead giveaway. If your wig is unnaturally shiny, it can be obvious it is a wig. Luckily, there are easy ways to reduce shine on wigs.

How To Make Your Wig Less Shiny

You most likely already have the best weapon against shine in your beauty arsenal. Dry shampoo! Dry shampoo will dull any shine on your wigs, you can apply it the same way you would to biological hair.

If your wig is a brunette shade, make sure you use a brown-tinted dry shampoo. Normal dry shampoos can leave a visible white residue on dark-colored hair. There are also blonde-tinted dry shampoos if the typical formulas leave a white dusting on your blonde wig.

Now, dry shampoo is definitely one of the top 10 beauty products of all time. You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who disagrees. Still, it will build up just like any other product. To avoid excessive buildup, make sure to clean your wig 8 to 10 wears.

The next tip also uses a product you have already: a dryer sheet. The small pieces you toss into the dryer with your laundry can help tone down the shine on your wig. Poke the bristles of a wide-tooth comb through a dryer sheet. With the sheet touching the hair, work the comb through in sections. A dryer sheet may not work like dry shampoo, but it does work if you’re in a pinch. 

Shine on Wigs

There’s only one more method to reduce shine on wigs. What does it entail? Nothing! The last way is to do nothing to your wig and wait it out. If your new wig is too shiny, give it time. Most wigs will dull over time with washing. If you’d like to speed it up, wash the wig a few times before wearing. A couple of washes should give you the look you want. Be sure to wash it the correct way. If you are unsure of how to wash your wig, don’t miss our video on how to wash your wig like an expert.

We urge you to use caution when researching. In your search for reducing shine on your wig, you’ll encounter advice for unconventional methods for reducing shine, such as using fabric softener or apple cider vinegar. While these products may work as a quick fix, you will end up shortening the lifespan of your wig.

Likewise, you may read that baby powder can be used as an alternative to dry shampoo. We do not recommend using baby powder. It’s much heavier than dry shampoo and will give unexpected results.

If you’re in the market for a new wig and shine is a concern, pick the right style of wig. Wavy and curly wigs show shine less than straight wigs. Curls add texture and deflect light in multiple directions, instead of just one, like straight hair. If straight wigs are your preference, no worries - try the above methods to reduce shine and see the video below for visual assistance.

At, we love wigs, shiny or not. We want to help you keep yours looking its best. It’s how you protect your investment. Use proper products and care on your wig and you can expect a long lifespan for your piece.


Hi Mary,

To darken the hair permanently, you would have to deposit color. We would recommend taking it to a professional to accomplish this.

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My wig is too light for my complexion. It is human hair. Is there a safe way to make it a little darker without coloring it.
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I thought you would show more samples & styles plus prices. There are less costly hair & wigs, but 1 must really 🦘 shop around.

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