Short and Sassy Wigs!

Short and Sassy Wigs!

Short hair is always a fun look and also has the added benefit of not weighing you down in the intense heat that is soon to come with the change of seasons. Change over to this fun, fresh hairstyle with these five low maintenance, fabulous good to go wigs.


Short and Sassy Wigs!


  • Get the beach wave look. Evanna (Synthetic Lace front wig with a Mono part) comes in a variety of colors even the highly fashionable ombres. This wig comes ready styled in chin length beach waves. Not only will you be sporting a hot trend in your new wig but in an easy grab and go manner. Getting this look will not only bring ease to your hairstyle but also give you one of the freshest youthful looks popular today.


  • The Moore Wig by Vivica Fox is an adorable A-symmetrical synthetic bob. It comes in new Futura fibers with is heat resistant and gives a more natural hair look and feel. This wig comes with a light body to it and can be styled to your liking thanks to the Futura fibers. Its pure stretch cap allows for a comfortable fit without pressure points.


  • Ready for a daring pixy cut? Look no further than the Heather Synthetic lace front wig. This wig also comes ready to wear in a variety of colors including the edgy Midnight Pearl. Midnight Pearl has a dark brown base with dark brown and silver blends on top melding into a platinum silver bang. This wig comes in a basic cap with adjustable straps to help you get the perfect fit.


  • Ready to kick your sassy look up to top notch, then its time for Risk. This lace front synthetic wig with a mono crown is true to its name. Its a sexy short crop pixie with short textured bangs. It comes in a variety of colors and blends of colors making the possibilities endless with this one. It is incredibly lightweight and a bestseller pixie wig. 


  • If you are looking for a short look that is the height of fashion, then you need Midnight Berry. This HF Synthetic wig in a basic cap is a sharp A-line bob. It comes in a beautiful midnight purple shade with dark roots giving it the high fashion omber look. It is a popular choice for those who want the fantasy colors without the damage to their hair or the constant trips and price tags at a salon.



Whether you are looking to take your daring to the next level or find a short, lightweight look with ease, you cant go wrong with choosing one of these high fashion short bob wigs.


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