Spice up your Halloween Costume with Hair Extensions & Wigs!

Spice up your Halloween Costume with Hair Extensions & Wigs!

We know that Halloween is less than a couple weeks away, but it’s never too early to start planning! Halloween is the perfect occasion to combine your personal style with creativity. You can go full glam… or create a twisted fantasy! Finding costumes can be hard… but with hair extensions, creating the perfect Halloween look is easier than ever! We’ve put together our top Halloween Costume ideas for 2017 to bring out the spirit in YOU!

Perfect Halloween Wigs


Wonder Woman - Halloween Costume How To


Wonder Woman has always been a popular costume choice, but the popularity of the new Wonder Woman movie makes this year the perfect year to bust out your sword, shield and clip in hair extensions! There are many DIY tutorials floating around on the internet, and it seems to be a pretty simple costume to make. If you’re not the DIY type, you can easily buy a replica of her outfit at most costume shops!

PRO TIP: Use a wig or hair extensions to achieve Wonder Woman’s classic locks.



 Black Swan - Halloween Costume How To


Black Swan: We like this idea because it leans toward the safe side, but you can easily make a few adjustments for an edgier look (such as adding glitter to your already bold smokey eye). If you own a ballet outfit, this costume can save you time and money. If not, all you need is a black ballet leotard, corset, white tights and white ballet flats. Sneak some black feathers into the outfit to complete the look. We recommend practicing the makeup once or twice before Halloween so you can get the look down perfectly.

PRO TIP: To make this costume even easier, check out our Hair Buns & Wraps!


Let us know what your favorite costume ideas for Halloween 2017 are in the comments below. Be sure to tag us on Instagram with your finished look, and good luck in creating the fantasy!


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