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The Complexity of Wig Color

If you’ve been purchasing the same wig in the same color for years, you’ve probably run into the situation where the manufacturer decided they are no longer producing your wig in that color. And if you’ve tried to replace it for a similar wig in the same color but maybe a different material, you’ve probably been disappointed because the color doesn’t look the same as it did on your monitor when you received it.  Frustrating!

How Color Affects Wigs

The reason this happens is because the material a wig is made of will affect the color.

If you paint three objects the same color but one is made of brass, the other of plastic and the third of wood, the brown color will look different on each one.

In the same way the same shade of brown will look different on a wig made of human hair, synthetic fiber, and even heat-friendly synthetic wigs.


Human Hair Wig Blake by Jon Renau

Blake by Jon Renau | Color: 6F27


Color will appear warmer on human hair wigs.


Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Jon Renau

Katherine by Jon Renau | Color: 6F27


Cooler on wigs made of synthetic fiber.


Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Fiery by Jon Renau | Color: 6F27


And vibrant on heat-friendly synthetic wigs.

While this can be a frustrating experience, our Wig Experts and licensed cosmetologists are always here to assist you. You can send in a great quality picture or an actual hair sample along with the wig style names you're interested in to the address below. Then after we’ve reviewed your request, we will assemble your personalized color match recommendation. We can either complete your order and ship your beautiful wig, or we can contact you to discuss our recommendation. 

Simply complete the return form and mail it back to us.

Our aim is always to make your wig buying experience easier. Please let us know other things you’ve discovered from the image on the website to what you receive at home. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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