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The Latest Hair Trends

How is it that we are constantly finding the latest trends in hair? We have a little kept secret that we want to share with you now. Its our favorite app for inspiring our hair tutorials and photoshoots. When we want to find the latest trend sweeping the nation we turn to Pinterest. 


Wigs.com Pinterest


Using Pinterest, we can find some of the most popular current trends in just about every style of hair available. With this nifty tool, we can keep up to date on what you the reader are looking for. Pinterest can be used in several different ways to inspire you into a new look. Take a page from our top playlist below.


Finding Boards

The easiest way to use Pinterest is to search boards. If you are looking for a elegant braid, a simple search will provide several different options. Its also great for giving inspiration. If you know you want short hair but not sure how, looking over boards of the same subject will give you a variety of options so you can find the one perfect just for you.


Making Your Own Pins

Sometimes what you see on Pinterest is just so much it’s hard to pick and choose. Often we choose to make our own boards, labeling them as specifically as possible, to save ideas for later. There is no limit on groups for your pins so make as many as you can. Make your own board just for ponytails, different color shades, and hair lengths. The more detailed your categories the easier it will be to find a specific look when the time comes.


Share With Your Friends

A great help when we are on the search for new ideas is to start group boards. Public boards like these allows for several people to all add into one board. One person can only find so many ideas. Opening a public board and inviting friends to add to it magnifies the amount of ideas that can be sifted through.


How Pinterest Has Changed Our Site

Thanks to Pinterest we are hard at work. We make it our goal to bring your the latest and greatest in hair fashion. Not only that but being up to date on any tips or tricks to help you recreate any latest and greatest with the ease of professionals.

With this tool in are arsenal you can count on us to continually post tutorials for you to try. You can also expect the latest and greatest in our up coming photoshoots to provide you with the optimal look for every style out there.

Add Pinterest as your own Go-To app when looking for your own hairstyle ideas, and you too will be on top of the latest and greatest trend of the new year.


What are your favorite ways to discover new hair trends? 

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