Thinning Hair and Wigs

Thinning Hair and Wigs

There are so many women today using wigs to not only help them feel more secure in the image they are displaying to the world, but also in order to craft a more professional image in the workplace. It is no secret that women in the workplace have had to put themselves together in a certain way in order to be perceived in a positive light by their male counterparts.



Though this is “the 21st century” - as so many people say -, these dress codes exist for women all over the world. These issues are slowly being improved upon as more and more women enter and excel in the workplace, many women still feel a certain level of pressure to be polished all of the time.

In order to achieve this, many women turn to hair pieces or wigs in order to get that polished look on a regular and reliable basis.

But this desire for perfection can sometimes lead to less than accurate advice and poor practices that can - over the long term - damage your natural hair. Whether you are wearing a wig as a protective style or as a style preference, it is incredibly important to maintain a healthy hair routine while wearing wigs. Below are a few things you should keep in mind as you examine your current hair routine.

    Be sure your wig is the right size.

    Wigs that are too tight can cause hair breakage and loss at your hairline.

    Never skip a wash day.

    As someone with naturally curly hair, I can see how tempting this seems. But be sure that you are taking as good of care of your natural hair as you do your wigs. BE sure to shampoo and condition your hair to remove any dirt, excess oils, or bacteria from your hair and scalp.

    Avoid wigs that don’t breathe.

    Sometimes a bit of an investment, but capless wigs are lightweight and allow more airflow to the scalp. Capless wigs do not make you feel as hot as traditional wig caps because they have open wefts at the back and sides; making them perfect for hotter times of year.

    Don’t forget to give your head a break!

    Though wigs are convenient, they make it incredibly easy to forget all about our natural locks. Take time in between wearing your wigs to get regular trims, and a treatment of some sort - keratin, deep conditioning,  etc - in order to maintain the integrity, strength, color, texture and vibrancy of your own hair.


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