Thinning hair?...Don't Care!... You have Hair Toppers!

Thinning hair?...Don't Care!... You have Hair Toppers!

Top Billing by Raquel Welch Hair Topper


Hair Toppers are developed with the woman experiencing hair loss in mind and play a huge role in the hair loss community. You can easily create volume and provide coverage where hair loss is occurring. Our hair is a big part of our self image and can affect our confidence if we don't feel good about our hair. Toppers also known as top pieces can give us the confidence of having full and flawless hair! There are some great uses for toppers as they are a quick and easy fix for anyone.  


Brown Hair Topper by Eva Gabor


Unwanted Roots?

When your roots (or as I like to call natural highlights ;-0 ) are showing up sooner than your salon appointment is pieces are a life saver! Not only is a salon visit to retouch your roots costly, it is also a time drain on a busy woman's schedule. We don't all have the luxury of 'time for the salon' right when we need it. Toppers are a perfect answer to hiding those neglected roots until you can go for your appointment. They, just like wigs, also save your hair from heat and chemical treatment... even if it is only temporarily!


Blonde Hair Topper by Jon Renau


Have Fun With Color! 

Changing up our look takes time and money.  And there is of course a commitment. With toppers you can create different color techniques to compliment or change up your existing color. Go with a top piece that is a bit darker than your bio hair blonde and get an instant ombre look from your topper.   


Clip In Hair Topper by Noriko


Vavoom Hair!  

Although toppers are not hair extensions, they can help you achieve a look of complete fullness. But if you pair your toppers with your favorite set of extensions for more length and volume!


Top Wave by Jon Renau


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