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Tips for Wavy Wigs

You probably know that biological curly or wavy hair requires certain maintenance. You might not know that wavy wigs also need special treatment. Don’t worry because none of it is difficult or complicated, but it’s all-important! Read on to learn how to care for your wavy wigs.


Tip 1: Brush Properly

When it comes to brushing, wavy wigs shouldn’t be brushed the same as straight styles. In fact, avoid a brush if you can. Instead, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb like this or this. Regular non-wide tooth combs can cause frizzing or shedding.
 Wide Tooth Combs

Don’t comb your wig while it’s on your head. Instead, place your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head.
For the best results, start with combing the ends of the hair and work your way up. Starting from the top can cause tangling.
You may also want to use a detangling spray to help with any existing tangles. We dive deeper into the proper hair products on the next tip!

Tip 2: Use the Right Products

Of course, products for biological hair can’t be used on wigs. Wigs need specially formulated products to keep them looking their best.
What products will keep your wavy or curly wig gorgeous? At, we recommend the latest offerings from Beautimark. These paraben-free products are safe to apply to most synthetic and HD fiber. Human hair wigs can use the same products as well!
 Beautimark Products

Leave-In Conditioner - This lightweight spray will lock in moisture and keep your wig’s tresses hydrated.
Flex-Hold Hairspray - If you’re working with a human hair wig or a heat-friendly synthetic, you can use heat tools. In order to lock in your style, use this strong hairspray that won’t leave your curls crunchy.
3-in-1 Miracle Protect - “Miracle” is just the right word for this product. This spray protects, hydrates, and detangles.


Tip 3: Handling Windy Days

Wind spells trouble for most hairstyles. To keep your curls right where they should be, take some precautionary measures on days when the wind is wild.
Accessories can be your best friend when it comes to wind. On windy days, wear a hat, cap, or a cute headscarf. Barrettes or clips can also do the job.
 Hat for Windy Days


Also, never underestimate the power of a ponytail or a braid. Keep both styles loose to maintain your wig’s waves.


Tip 4: Restore and Store

Before storing your curly wig for any significant time, make sure to restore your wig. It’s a simple process, but take your time. All you need is your hands!
Section out your wig’s hair. Go with smaller sections for looser tighter curls. For loose waves, choose larger sections. Using a finger, twist each curl to restore its curl pattern. Continue with each curl.
 Restore your wig


When you need to store your wig away, it needs to be in a dark, dry space. Ideally, you would store it in the box it originally came in. If that’s not an option, a shoebox or small plastic tote can work.

Do you have any other wavy wig tips? Share them below in the comments!

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