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Top 10 Brunette Wig Colors

Blonde tresses get all the attention. But, only 2% of the world has naturally golden hair, meaning nearly all people naturally have black or brunette hair colors. Those who prefer these chocolatey shades know that there are so many gorgeous hues, including chestnut, chocolate, and caramel. 

Brown Wigs

If you prefer your wigs in the brunette variety, you are far from alone. Still, it can be hard to choose just one shade. With all the wig brands out there, there are dozens of brunette varieties, so it can be challenging to choose just one shade. At, a few brunette shades are our all-time favorites, and we’re here to share our top 10 best-selling brown shades with you!

1. Chocolate Mix by Ellen Wille

Chocolate Mix by Ellen Wille is a warm-toned brown shade. This color comprises of a dark brown base and then a mix of medium brown and light reddish brown highlights. This color is a favorite of many Ellen Wille wigs wearers!

Brown Pixie Wig

Stunning on just about every style, Chocolate Mix looks supremely natural on styles like Tab. This pixie wig has bold layers that allow all the hues to be seen.

2. RL8/29SS by Raquel Welch

Alternatively named Shaded Hazelnut, this brunette shade is a gorgeous warm tone brown. Accented by a darker root shade, the blend of medium brown and ginger blonde makes this shade a perfect summer brunette wig option!

Wavy Medium Length Wig

Find RL8/29SS on styles like Editor’s Pick by Raquel Welch. We highly recommend this brunette wig shade.

3. RL4/6 by Raquel Welch

Also called Black Coffee, RL4/6 is a rich dark brown color that neighbors the color black as the same suggests. As a blend of dark brown and medium brown, this color is a traditional no-nonsense brunette. 

Tapered Pixie Wig

Find this warm brunette shade on styles like Heard it All. This long pixie has angled front layers that show off RL4/6 beautifully. 

4. FS6/30/27 by Jon Renau

Are you looking for ribbons of warmth? Then, we recommend FS6/30/27 by Jon Renau. As seen on social media as Toffee Truffle, this color is an even blend of brown and medium red gold with medium gold blonde highlights.

Warm Brown Wig

Toffee Truffle is found on many Jon Renau wigs and hair toppers, but we think Rachel shows how lively this color looks in real life!

5. Marble Brown by Noriko

Marble Brown by Noriko is a blend of medium brown and light honey brown, making this a natural warm brunette hair color. Also available in slight variations of this color, look out for Marble Brown R and Marble Brown LR if you prefer a rooted brunette shade.

Long Brown Wig

For those who want a non-rooted natural brunette shade, try Angelica by Noriko. The Marble Brown hair color makes this synthetic wig look even more realistic.

6. Coffee Latte by Noriko

Is dark brunette hair more of your style? If so, we recommend Coffee Latte by Noriko. This cool-tone dark brown shade is evenly blended with honey brown highlights, giving this color a warm, fresh look. 

Bob Wig with Bangs

Enjoy Coffee Latte in styles like Alva, which is featured above. The shattered layers of this style allow those gorgeous highlights to look so natural.

7. CKISSRT4 by Estetica

If you love a mix of brunette and blonde shades, then you should try CKISSRT4 by Estetica. This warm-toned color has a golden brown base color with copper blonde highlights and dark brown roots.  

Brown Wig with Blonde Highlights

Find CKISSRT4 on many Estetica wigs and hair pieces, including styles like Avalon. The natural-looking waves pair beautifully with this shade’s golden brown hues.

8. RL8/12SS by Raquel Welch

If you love a brown that looks naturally sunkissed, then we highly recommend RL8/12SS by Raquel Welch. Also called Iced Mocha, this brunette shade is a mix of medium brown and dark blonde with a slightly darker root color. 

flattering bob wig

This shade looks supremely natural, especially on styles with face framing features like Let’s Rendezvous. Pair this chic bob with RL8/12SS, and you’ll look effortlessly natural.  

9. Dark Chocolate Mix by Ellen Wille

We love and continuously recommend Dark Chocolate Mix from Ellen Wille. Similar to Chocolate Mix listed above, Dark Chocolate Mix is a blend of a darker brown base with light reddish-brown highlights.

Long Bob Wig

Find Dark Chocolate Mix on many Ellen Wille styles, including Drive. This center part wig has a stunning lace front and monofilament part that allows this beautifully chocolate shade to look oh-so natural.

10. 8RH14 by Jon Renau

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a natural brunette shade, look no further than 8RH14 by Jon Renau. This shade has a medium brown base with 33% medium natural blonde highlights. 

Long Brown Wig

Hot Cocoa is available in many Jon Renau wigs, but we think this cool toned color really shines on Alessandra. This style’s long lengths allow you to see all those blonde highlights!

Each and every brunette shade is uniquely stunning, and we love them all!. You can explore even more shades of brown in our Brunette Wigs collection. Did your favorite chocolate shade make our list?

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