Transition from Mid-length to Long Wigs

Transition from Mid-length to Long Wigs

You have decided: it is time for long hair! You’ve always been a woman who loved keeping your tresses at shoulder-length, but enough is enough. You’re ready to be bold and go to great lengths!
To make your transition a graceful one, review our list of best-selling mid-length wigs from major names. We provide you with the closest long-length option!
To learn about transitioning from a pixie to a bob, or a bob to a mid-length style, be sure to check out our previous guides.

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch Wigs


Mid Length: Spotlight 
Spotlight will have all eyes on you with its long natural layers. It’s also made with Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic, so you can style this wig any way you wish!
Long Length: Miles of Style 
This Raquel Welch wig is the long hair you’ve dreamed of with seemingly miles and miles of gorgeous tresses. This wig also has long layers that create a full silhouette that you will adore. Unlike the Spotlight, Miles of Style is not heat-friendly. It is made with Vibralite fiber, though, which is made to mimic the look of natural hair.

Jon Renau

Jon Renau Wigs


Mid Length: Rachel 
Customers have fallen in love with Rachel. If you have too, I can see why. This synthetic lace front wig has enviable effortless waves and is 100% hand-tied.
Long Length: Sarah 
To add length, graduate from Rachel to Sarah. Sarah gives you those same pretty waves with more length. This wig also has a lace front and a 100% hand-tied cap. It also comes in a large size!

Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille Wigs


Mid Length: Mega Mono 
Mega Mono is named for its hand-knotted monofilament cap, but you’ll be drawn in by the soft side-swept bang.
Long LengthImpress 
You get to keep the side fringe with the Impress wig. It’s the perfect face-framing style! The ends of these long strands have a subtle flip that finishes this look off with a flirtatious vibe.
Not impressed enough? Just listen to customer Tammy H.: “I feel great wearing it! It’s a perfect wig!” 


Rene of Paris

Rene of Paris Wigs

Mid Length: Dakota 
Dakota is an on-trend mid-length wig. This lace-front look is confident and modern with razored layers and a soft bang.
Long Length: Lennox  
Lennox is a sexy look that is timeless with long layers and flipped ends. If you’d like to keep the fun colors the Dakota is found in, Lennox is the way to do that with longer lengths. Both wigs come in bright pastels and my personal favorite, Plumberry Jam.

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