Transition from a Bob to a Mid-Length Wig

Transition from a Bob to a Mid-Length Wig

In a recent blog post, we discussed how to transition from a short wig to a bob. You may have found it to be an interesting read but not applicable to your situation, especially if you already wear bob-length wigs.
Still, bob fans may find themselves itching to add some length too. We picked our best-selling bobs and found compatible looks in mid-length looks. We also throw in some layered options! If you’d like to switch your look from a bob to something mid-length, let this guide lead your transition.

Raquel Welch

Bob: Play it Straight 

This Raquel Welch bob is a dream. It’s a synthetic wig with a sheer lace front and a hand-tied monofilament part. The sassy layered bob is ready-to-wear with the option of customizing the bang.
Mid Length: Watch Me Wow 
Watch Me Now has so much in common with Play it Straight, making it a perfect transition. Both wigs are pre-styled synthetic pieces that flatter any face.
Mid Length Layered: Star Quality
The previous wig had light and subtle layers, which is a look many prefer. However, if you’d rather match the look of the Play It Straight bob, Star Quality has the same movement and texture.

Jon Renau

Bob: Kristen
Customers love Kristen because it’s an adorable and easy-to-wear look. This bob is a best-seller, so it just might be in your collection!
Mid Length: Drew
While Kristen is a great piece, it doesn’t have the length of Drew. This lace-front wig hits just below the shoulders. Don’t worry - it’s made of heat-friendly synthetic, just like Kristen!
Mid Length Layered: Sandra
Sandra hits the same length as Drew, but Sandra has to-die-for cascading layers. The look is easy to maintain - but can’t be changed. This piece is not made with heat-defiant synthetic fiber.

Ellen Wille


Bob: Elite
Elite is aptly named since this look makes you feel like a major boss babe when you wear it. It’s a synthetic lace-front bob wig that maintains its style even after washing.
Mid Length: Code Mono
To go the distance, go with another Ellen Wille best-seller. Code Mono is slightly longer than shoulder-length and is finished with jagged ends that give this look serious attitude.
Mid Length Layered: Carrie
If you’re seeking a layered look, Carrie has the same length as Code Mono but has noticeable layers for a full look. It also has a gorgeous side-swept bang.

Rene of Paris


Bob: Tori
Tori is a bold, angled bob that will leave you looking like you just stepped out of a salon! You can get that same quality in a longer Rene of Paris wig too!
Mid Length: Misha
When Rene of Paris does length, it goes the distance. Misha is longer than the other mid-length options on this list. Even so, you’ll be drawn in by the glam full fringe of this look.
Mid Length Layered: Angela
Misha is a gorgeous piece, but Angela is a full-on vibe. This synthetic wig has that same full fringe, but the rest of the hair is styled into a super cool shag cut with razored layers.



Bob: Paige Petite
Fans of the classic pageboy look try Paige by Envy. This timeless look comes in an easy-to-wear synthetic.
Mid Length: Leyla
Of course, in this article, we’re going for longer wigs. If the Paige wig is your favorite, but you want something with length, check out Leyla. Leyla is a synthetic piece with the same face-flattering shape as Paige.
Mid Length Layered: Nadia
Nadia mimics the same style as Paige and Leyla but includes razored layers with flipped ends for a flirty and young look.

Will you be transitioning your bob into something a bit longer? Tell us about it the comments!

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