Using Hair Chalk For Festival Hairstyles!

Using Hair Chalk For Festival Hairstyles!


It’s that time of the year where the weather is warming up - yay! Which means we are soon to see skin tones being kissed by the sun, hair getting brighter, nights are going to get longer, and days are just going to be filled with outdoor fun! What this also means is one of my favorite events - musical festivals! 

Festivals are a fun way to get out with friends, sing, dance, and just make lots of memories! But because festivals often go for several days at a time, it’s definitely important to plan your outfits and hair plans ahead of time to ensure your dreamy flower child style throughout.

Colored, platinum, and pastel hair is totally ‘in’ right now, but it can seem a bit intimidating to dye your hair such a bold and permanent color — unless you’re doing it with hair chalk. Hair chalking is an easy and inexpensive way to color your hair without making the full-time commitment to bleach or dye (‘cause we all know that relationship ain’t gonna work out!).

For this reason, we’ve put together a fun how-to for using hair chalk for your festival looks to ensure your hair is colorful, and free-spirited just like you! And the best part is, hair chalk is safe to use on human hair and synthetic fibers, so you can get the look with wigs and extensions, too!

Best Hair Chalk 2019

The awesome thing about hair chalk is you can buy it all over the place for super cheap (as cheap as $5), or you can order some higher quality ones online for around $70-$100 (you’ll definitely want to look for non-toxic, cosmetics-grade hair chalk though, as some of the cheaper brands contain toxins such as lead — yuck!). But whatever you choose to do, picking the colors you want is important to achieve the look you’re dreaming of.

How To Make Hair Chalk Last Longer

Just like you would when dying your hair, it’s important to prep your hair beforehand to ensure the color sticks. Because hair chalk isn’t permanent, we want to wet our hair prior to application to help it really soak up and sink in. But if your hair is super light, such as a platinum blonde, it’s best not to wet your hair beforehand unless you want the color to last longer (most hair chalk will only last one or two rinses, but with blonde hair, it can last for weeks!). Once you’re done with that, select your color and get creative!

Set Your Color

Once you let your hair dry (by air drying so you don’t blow the chalk out), you can seal your color to ensure it stays by adding dimension through waves or curls, or by using a flat iron (adding hair spray or mousse will add an extra touch of hold as well).

Rock That Color

Whether your put chalk over your whole head or on just a few strands, now's the time to let your free spirit shine, rock your new colorful hair, and dance your heart out! Have fun, and make tons of memories. And when you’re ready, you can rinse your hair out and start back at square one for another fresh, fun, and festive music festival hair style! Get it, girl!

Do you love music festivals? Tell us your favorite things to do in spring by leaving a comment!

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