4 Fairy-Tale Wedding Hair Extension Styles

4 Fairy-Tale Wedding Hair Extension Styles

It’s no question that every girl dreams of her wedding day ever since she’s a little girl. Everything from the wedding theme, to her beautiful and extraordinary flowing dress, and of course her handsome and noble prince charming. But of course on your wedding day more than ever, everything needs to be absolutely perfect. But often times we get caught up in the chaos, ensuring that decorations are just right, and invitations are sent out and we can forget about one of the most important pieces: our hair!

I know I’m not alone when I say that when my hair doesn't have it's flair, things can get a little messy (basically like a Godzilla throwing a tantrum). So to avoid an outburst of our inner Bridezillas (we all have one) we’re going to talk about a few easy, elegant, and beautiful wedding hair extension ideas that you can use to ensure you feel like a Disney princess on your special day! So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Enchanting Boho Wedding Hair


Simple and chic — whimsical and flowing boho wedding hair is totally in for a beautiful fairy-tale style wedding. This look is easy to do, and you’re free to get creative with it. This is a fantastic style to wear when you want to add extra volume and length to your look (and seriously, who doesn’t want to do that?). Everything from loose curls, to beach waves, pulled to the side, or even long and straight — whatever you prefer to do, your hair is sure to wow all who see it and sneak it’s way into your soon-to-be hubby’s heart!

Get the look with a heat-friendly Hairdo clip-in to get just the right curl and volume.

It's only one piece so you can clip in it in seconds and look like you spent hours. Than all you have to do is get some amazing Boho hair jewelery to top it off!

Fishtail Wedding Braid

Side swept, pulled back, or half up — a fishtail braid is always the answer to any dress-up look (especially at a wedding!). If you’re looking for a style that will make you feel like Rapunzel walking down the aisle, this look is for you!

This fabulous style adds a touch of elegance and beauty unlike any others, complimenting an already gorgeous girl. And another plus? Wearing this hairstyle with extensions adds a jaw-dropping length that will have the crowd envious and in awe (just like we want them — muhahaha). Simple yet packs a punch, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous fishtail braid. To get the length you need for a true princess look, use a Christie Brinkley Clip In!


An updo is another excellent choice for a gorgeous wedding look, and offers an elegance without comparison! This is a perfect look to do with a hairpiece, as it's totally hidden with this style and appears to be part of your natural hair (talk about hair goals!). 

Product shown is Highlight Wrap by Hairdo

It can also add thickness to an updo or bun unlike any other, creating a perfect, radiant, and flawless appearance! Channel your inner Anne Hathaway from the classic Princess Diaries, cause girl — this is a look for princesses everywhere!




Clean, flawless, and smooth — this style is perfect for a charming pulled-back look that’s full of volume that we all aspire to have. This look is perfect for clip in extensions, as the way the hair is pulled back helps to hide where they attach! You can also use a chignon hair piece to get the look. Nothing is more beautiful than the smile on the brides face on her special day, so wearing a style that’s going to show off and frame her beautiful face is a definite must, and this look is perfect for that! Paired with braids, a flowery headband, or even a crown — this look is flexible and free, and perfect for a classy, elegant bride.

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Which wedding hairstyle is your favorite? Tell us which look you love in the comments!

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