What Are Lace Front Wigs?

What Are Lace Front Wigs?

If you’re new to wigs, you have probably come across the term lace front. But, what exactly are lace front wigs? The Wig Experts are here to answer some of your burning questions about this feature and how you can wear lace front wigs. Plus, stay tuned to the end for some recommendations of our favorite lace front wig brands!

What’s the point of lace front wigs?

The point of lace front wigs is to provide added realism to your wig look. Lace fronts are designed to mimic a natural hairline as strands of hair are painstakingly hand-knotted into a soft, mesh-like material. The thin lace is delicate but gives you the most natural-looking effect at the hairline. When blended with your skin tone, this feature will give you an undetectable look.

Red Lace Front Wigs

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Is a lace front wig better?

Yes, lace front wigs are better! No other wig feature will lay flat against the forehead and make it look like the wig hairs are growing right out of your own scalp. 

Long Lace Front Wig

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Keep in mind that a lace front feature will only give you 2” - 3” of a natural hairline, meaning the lace material is only at the front of the wig. If you like the look of a lace front and want the same hair growth illusion in other areas, such as the hair part or crown of the head, we recommend looking for wigs with lace tops, monofilament parts, monofilament crowns, or monofilament tops. Each of these features has different benefits depending on the length and style of the wig. 

Also, Wigs.com has made looking for these wig types easy! Use the advanced filters on each collection page to quickly find styles with these features.

Filters for Wigs

Do lace front wigs stay on?

Lace front wigs will stay on all day as long as your wig is the right cap size for your head. It is essential to wear the correct wig size to ensure the integrity of your wig remains throughout its entire lifespan. 

Lucky for us, finding your wig size is relatively easy! You’ll need a flexible tape measure, a pen, and a piece of paper. Learn more on how to measure for wigs here.

Wig Size Measurements

For your circumference measurement, use your tape measure and start at the center front of your hairline. Extend the tape measure down the head towards one ear, resting where the top of your ear connects to the head. Continue wrapping around your head lining the tape measure up with your nape, then your other ear, and then back to your front hairline. Mark your measurement and record the number. 

For your ear-to-ear measurement, you will need to first find your "top of head" point. Take your tape measure, stretch out 7 inches, then place one end on your front hairline and extend backward, stopping at 7 inches. This is your “top of head” point.

Once you’ve found your top of the head point, slowly pivot the flexible tape measure down to meet the top of the ear, holding the end at your top of head point. You may need to stretch the tape measure forward to meet your ear. With one end of the tape measure at your ear, extend around to the other ear making sure the tape is on your top of head point. Mark your measurement and record the number.

For your front-to-back measurement, place your tape measure at the center of your front hairline and extend backward following the center of your head and ending at your nape. Mark your measurement and record the number.

We recommend measuring all fields twice to ensure accuracy. Using your measurements, find your wig size by referencing the chart below. If your measurements indicate different sizes, always go with the largest size to accommodate your head size.

Wig Size Chart

Can you wear a lace front wig everyday?

Yes, you can wear a lace front wig every day! Make sure you treat your lace front wig delicately, as improper treatment can damage the wig. For instance, pulling and tugging on the lace at the front can result in the lace fraying near the ear tabs as well as small rips and tears. If you tug on the lace front, you can even warp the material to the point where it will not lay flat against the scalp. For tips on how to put on a lace front wig, read our blog from Kim Stamiris who wears lace front wigs every day!

Best Lace Front Wig

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What is the best lace front wig brand?

We adore the brand Ellen Wille for lace front wigs. One of the many reasons we love this brand for lace front wigs is because they use different types of lace fronts to accommodate and accentuate different hairstyles and price points. Most known for their mini lace front wigs and comfort lace front wigs, Ellen Wille always keeps the wearer in mind to give them the best experience with wigs! Read on here to learn about all the different types of lace front wig options. 

Lace Front Synthetic Wig

Style Featured: Esprit by Ellen Wille

For more answers to your questions about what are lace front wigs, read our blog here.


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