What is a Half Wig?

What is a Half Wig?

Fractions were never my strong suit. If I’m being totally honest, math in general was my weakness, but fractions were especially tricky. I was the kid who needed the big drawing of a pie or pizza to visualize fractions. Plus, pizza makes everything better. If fractions weren’t your thing either, you might be raising an eyebrow at the term “half wig.” Don’t worry, this isn’t about to turn into a math lesson.

What Does "Half Wig" Mean?

Half wigs go by plenty of names and that can be a bit confusing. Sometimes the terms are correct, and sometimes they don't depict the correct product. Below is a list of terms that you may hear, referring to half wigs:

  • Half wig
  • Three quarter wig
  • Fall
  • Wiglet
  • Hair enhancer
  • Topper Wig
  • Top Piece
  • Hair Topper

A full traditional wig conceals all of the wearer’s biological hair. A half wig is what it sounds like: half of a wig. Half wigs are designed to provide coverage at the crown of the hair, along with volume and sometimes length. With a half wig, the biological hair is still visible. Half wigs are like reverse extensions. In the simplest of terms, extensions add to the bottom of your hair, while half wigs add to the top of it.

Full wigs aren’t for everyone.  It doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyles or needs. For example, due to health issues, a woman can experience hair loss only at the crown of the hair. A wig wouldn’t work for her, but a half wig might. If the hair loss is not in a fully advanced stage, a hair topper may be best.

Those with alopecia or just beginning chemotherapy might find a half wig preferable to a full wig. Half wigs do have to attach to healthy biological hair, so a they wouldn’t work with complete hair loss.

Half wigs and toppers aren’t just for those with medical related hair loss, though. If you have fine, thin hair and are looking for more volume and so-called “oomph,” a half wig is just what you need. This is where it may be considered a “hair enhancer.” Thanks to the limitless styles and shades, toppers and half wigs are made to blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Top Billing by Raquel Welch 

With a name like Top Billing, this piece was destined for greatness. This best-selling topper is beloved by customers because of how natural it looks. Top Billing has all the great features we love in Raquel Welch’s wigs. It’s made with heat-friendly synthetic hair fiber, a full monofilament top, and even a lace front! A quick trim will give you bangs if you’d like to switch up your look.


Top Full 12” by Jon Renau 

The Top Full is made with comfort in mind. The stretch base is 100% hand-tied, so you know it will look natural. Plus, you’ll fall in love with the luxurious Remy human hair. It’s important to note that this topper is nearly double the size of the Raquel Welch topper described above. With an 11” base, this topper covers the entire crown of the head. If your hair loss is minimal, this piece isn’t for you. However, if you have significant hair loss or thinning, go with the Top Full and feel like yourself again!


We also have a great selection of men’s toppers too!

Do you wear half wigs or hair toppers? Tell us what works for you by leaving a comment!


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