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I never thought I would look good as a blonde. Just didn’t think I had the right skin coloring for it. I’ve got more of a Morticia Adams thing going on—-super pale.  In fact, during the summer, I usually wear white so that my skin will look like it has some color by comparison. So, when I saw “White Out” by Hairdo, I thought, maybe I could do it—-perhaps, I would even look peachy next to those alabaster curls...

Whiteout by Hairdo

Whiteout by Hairdo | Shop

First things first: “White Out” isn’t white, but it’s pretty dang close.  The color is a really gorgeous almost-white-but-still-a-tad-yellow blonde.  The roots are a nice dark color and make the wig look really natural.  And—(squeals!)—she feels so luxurious and the curls are perfectly tousled!  Like perfectly!  I transformed into a beauty queen when I put her on, but I still wasn’t ready to take her out in public.  I mean, I’m not a really the beauty queen type…but, on the other hand, I was really taken with how “White Out” made me feel…that self-assurance, that poise, that sense of hotness…that felt really good… 

So, “White Out” hung on her stand briefly, looking sophisticated and gorgeous all on her own. It was like she didn’t even need to be on a head. But if I wore her out on mine, would I feel as good as she looks?  Even in public?  Like around actual people? The answer is YASSS!!!  I put “White Out” on and went for it. 

The cap is comfy and breathable, and the heat sensitive fibers are so realistic!  It was like she was made to live on my head!  BUT, word of caution, this wig—well, you take her out and she makes you feel like you could kick a super model’s butt.  You wear her and you have to be able to wield the power that she comes with. For reals.  She is not for the faint at heart.  You wear her and you’re gonna WERK like never before!  It didn’t matter if I never thought I could be a blonde—-I was a BLONDE BOMBSHELL!!! At least on the inside—and I’m pretty sure that my confidence was powerful enough to blind passers by with a light that rivals the sun.  You wear “White Out” and you cause a cataclysmic super nova of fabulously fierce proportions. Get ready…You’ve been warned.

What are your thoughts on Whiteout by Hairdo?

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Hi Chris,

We have a variety of styles that are offered in white (color 60) and an average cap size! We provided a link below for you to view those options:


Our experts are always happy to assist you over the phone at 1-800-581-2001 or virtually (https://www.wigs.com/pages/virtual-consultation) Monday – Friday 8 am – 6:30 pm CT.

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The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

What would you recommend a white medium size wig?

Chris Sledge

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