Wig Styles That Slim Your Face

Wig Styles That Slim Your Face

Just like clothing, hairstyles can be slimming too!
Of course the style or cut of your wig won't actually slim your face - it's all an illusion, right? But to give your face a more slender appearance, follow these simple rules:

1. Avoid straight lines in your cut. Choose a wig with more shapely curves that compliment and soften the face shape, instead of working against it. This will also draw attention to facial features such as your eyes and lips in a good way.


Spotlight by Raquel Welch

Spotlight by Raquel Welch | Shop


2. Avoid straight-across bangs. Though blunt cut bangs may still be in style, they tend to shorten and widen the appearance of the face. Show off your forehead (where we don't gain weight). Try side-swept bangs instead as they will make your face appear longer and thinner.


Click by Ellen Wille

Click by Ellen Wille | Shop


3. Avoid blunt haircuts. Blunt hairstyles like the geometric bob cut that Katie Holmes and Rihanna have worn will harshen your features and widen your face. Instead, opt for a longer, textured and layered cut. Go for softness and movement.


Monique by Envy

Monique by Envy | Shop


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