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Winter Hair Colors 2018

The leaves have fallen. The pumpkins have disappeared. Now, there’s a familiar chill in the air. It’s our yearly reminder that winter is upon us! As the temperatures drop, many of us feel the urge to switch up our hair color and start anew. So we've made a list of the very best hair colors to rock this winter!

Check out these great color ideas to stay on trend this season and really make a statement:

Ice Blonde

Porduct shown is Sunny by Wig Pro

This first trend goes out to the blondes. The weather is frightful, but this ice blonde shade is anything but. This look showcases a cool platinum blonde with gray undertones. Where a typical blonde has a more yellow base, this blonde takes a walk on the cooler side. This color requires some serious upkeep, but not if you have it on a wig! It’s totally fierce and there's no damage done to natural hair with bleaching and toning. So go wig blonde for a win-win this winter!


Rose Gold

Product shown is Zuma by Rene of Paris

In the jewelry world, mixing copper and gold creates a rose gold shade. Something about the color is so romantic. It’s no surprise the color has seen recent popularity in engagement rings. Rose gold is just as romantic and pretty as a hair color as well. Highlighting the coppery undertones of this look makes it flirty and fun. Play up or down the copper in this color as much as you wish to stay warm.


Cold Brew

Product shown is Angelica by Noriko

Cold brew isn’t just a winter coffee favorite - it’s also a hair color technique! This color took the world by storm in fall 2018 and we are still not over it yet. Luckily, it is an amazing look to rock in the winter too. To cold brew your hair, start with a dark brunette base and paint in subtle warm highlights throughout. Or go with a ready to wear wig and the work is done for you!


Product shown is Samy by Rene of Paris

Gray - on purpose? You bet! Women who are in various stages of graying know too well the struggle to hide stubborn gray hairs. 2018, however, has seen gray and silver become a cool must-have color, and so have we - because, honestly, it's beautiful!  Depending on the original hair color, silver or gray can be a tricky shade to achieve. But if you are naturally gray, you’re already on trend! Some dark low-lights or roots can add dimension to this color and make it even more classy and posh. 


Cinnamon Highlights/Lowlights
Product shown is Brianna by Envy

This trend works with every hair color! Shades of red are all the rage this season, so cinnamon low-lights or highlights are the perfect nods to the trend. It’s a great way to experiment with red tones without committing to a full redhead. We just adore it!


What do you think? Will you be trying out any of these winter hair colors in 2018? Let us know in the comments!

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