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Featuring Frontline Heroes

During this unprecedented time, the team at wants to highlight some of the incredible doctors, nurses, restaurants, and more who are healing our nation and serving those who are social distancing. Read more about these aspirational neighbors below. 

April 27, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth Ucheoma works in Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry. Practicing self-care and taking care of our mental health has never been more imperative and needed with the addition of COVID-19 into our daily lives. Dr. Ucheoma has incorporated using telepsychiatry with her patients because it has provided "an opportunity to address [my patients'] needs in a time-efficient and contagion-safe manner." Thankfully, patients are being able to receive treatment at a time when it is needed the most from psychiatrists and other mental health providers.

When asked how those at home could improve their mental being, Dr. Ucheoma says that there are ways to decrease anxiety and depression at home such as reaching out to friends and loved ones for support, engaging in mediation and mindfulness exercises, and focusing on a physical fitness journey. Dr. Ucheoma especially points out that people should be "very selective about [their] engagement with social media and the news to avoid worsening anxiety." If you are struggling with your mental health during this time, please reach out to your doctor(s). Many have branched into online services such as teletherapy and online medication management as a way to serve patients.

Thank you to Dr. Ucheoma for the mental health advice and for working tirelessly to ensure we are staying physically and mentally healthy during this time! 

April 26, 2020 

Dr. Lauren Smith is a General/Trauma Surgeon that provides care for patients in need of emergency general surgery and/or trauma surgery. Based out of Ohio, Dr. Smith also manages very critical patients in the intensive care units. Dr. Smith says that her day-to-day schedule hasn't changed much, but what has changed is that she and the hospital staff do not know who is a "safe" patient. Since there is no immediate way of knowing if someone has COVID, herself and her team are putting themselves in a high risk situation every time a patients rolls into the trauma bay.  

Dr. Smith wants the community to know that "we are all in this together. How I behave affects your health, and how you behave affects my health. We all must practice selflessness during these unprecedented times."

Thank you for the work you are doing, Dr. Lauren Smith!

April 25, 2020

Since the beginning of the social distancing order, Dream Cafe has kept their focus on serving their community in Dallas, TX. The restaurant has been making food for front line workers and delivering meals to area hospitals. This act has morphed into an alliance with an organization called Feed the Front Line. Feed the Front Line is a non-profit organization created to help both restaurants and the Front Line alike. Dream Cafe has been busy forming new alliances with local businesses to serve the front line workers, and they even have another alliance launching in the coming weeks. Dream Cafe owner, Mary O'Brien, states, "Turns out you can do good in the world and run a business! Every day I am humbled and awed by people reaching out, we all need lifelines now."

Thank you for the work you are doing for your community, Dream Cafe! 

April 24, 2020

Frontline Doctors

Dr. Chrisette Dharma works as the Medical Director of Southwest Family Medicine in Dallas, TX. Working in a family practice, Dr. Dharma sees patients dealing with more mild COVID-19 cases than don't require immediate ER treatment. Her typical day involves working through cases, checking oxygen levels, and finding appropriate medical treatment plans for each, unique case. 

When asked what advice she can give to others during this time, Dr. Dharma stress that "the most important thing to do is make smart decisions for you and your family. You get to make the choices. You have control over your actions, and you actions make a difference."

Thank you for the work you are doing, Dr. Chrisette Dharma! 

A new hero is being highlighted daily... come back tomorrow to learn about a new hero!


 To show our support to medical facilities during this time, is donated a percentage of our sales to the Frontline Responders Fund. Learn more about this charity and the work they are doing below:

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