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Hair Toppers FAQ

What to know before buying a hair topper?

Here are a five things you should know before buying a hair topper: 

  • Choosing a fiber / texture. You’ll need to choose a hair texture and fiber that closely resembles your bio hair for a more seamless blend. Fiber selection is determined by your budget and whether you want to style the hair topper.

  • Selecting the Base Material that Suits Your Preference. The base of the hair topper is the part that touches your scalp and has the hair attached to. Bases can be made with different materials (monofilament, lace, wefted, etc) with each one having their own advantage in terms of realism, comfort, and breathability.

  • Picking the Right Size. Hair toppers can come in a variety of sizes and coverage areas. It’s important that you measure the area your hair topper will attach to in order to determine the right size.

  • Choosing Hair Color. When picking out a hair topper, try to find one that matches your natural hair color as closely as possible. It’s okay if the fiber is slightly lighter or darker because the hair topper will still be able to blend in with your bio hair. Plus, the slight color variance will help add dimension.

  • Selecting the Right Hair Length. Hair toppers come in different lengths and styles. We recommend that you choose a hair topper with a length that’s similar to your bio hair. In order to get an idea of what length you should start with, be sure to measure from the crown of your head to the longest part of your hair.

Are hair toppers any good?

Hair toppers are a great solution if you’re looking to get more voluminous hair or conceal hair loss/thinning hair. Hair toppers can come in a wide range of hair fibers, styles, lengths, and bases. Plus, they are easy to attach to your head, so you can get flawless hair in seconds!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hair toppers?

Hair toppers offer great advantages:

  • Hair toppers come in all fiber types and hair lengths, so they can seamless blend into your hair. 

  • They are a fantastic solution for covering areas of thinning hair and hiding hair loss. Hair toppers also can provide more coverage to the front, crown, or the entire head, depending on the style.

  • They are easy to apply and do not require much styling. 

  • They can give your hair more volume. 

A disadvantage to wearing hair toppers is they can potentially cause traction alopecia. However, this only happens if you are wearing the incorrect size, not using the correct application method, or improperly removing your hair topper.

How do hair toppers stay on?

A hair topper needs at least 1” of hair to clip onto. This hair should be thick enough for the clip to attach to, so there isn't a risk of the clip falling out and causing additional hair loss. Make sure the topper is wider than the full area of hair loss to get the best results! 

What is the most realistic hair topper?

The most realistic hair topper relies on your preference and comfort level since hair toppers come in a variety of bases, hair fibers, and lengths. 

  • For a more natural look, check out bases that are made with monofilament, are hand tied, and have a lace front.

  • Hair toppers are either made with human hair or synthetic fiber. Depending on the quality, either hair type can blend really well into your natural hair. It’s important to find a color that matches your bio hair. Otherwise, the colors may not mix well together, losing the voluminous look.

Hair Pieces for Women FAQ

What are the easiest low maintenance hair pieces?

What’s great about hair pieces is that they are already low maintenance. Look for hair pieces made with synthetic fiber because they require less styling and come out of the box ready to wear! 

What are the easiest hair pieces to put in?

Hair pieces are pretty easy to put in. Most hair pieces can be clipped into the hair for easy application. Some ponytail extensions have a wrap around feature for a natural look.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hair pieces?

There are great advantages to hair pieces:

  • They can give you a fuller head of hair. If your hair is starting to thin or you want to add volume to your hair, extensions and clip-in ponytails are a great option!

  • They offer more coverage to help conceal hair loss. For example, clip in bangs and fringe help hide a receding hairline. Falls and half wigs can help camouflage any thinning or balding spots below the crown and at the sides of your head. 

  • They offer more styling possibilities. Whether you’re going to a special occasion or want to spice up your look in your daily life, hair pieces give you endless styling potential.

There are many disadvantages to hair pieces:

  • Getting the wrong color or texture can make the hair piece not blend in well with your hair.

  • Improper application and removal can cause traction alopecia.

Can I find hair pieces in different materials, such as human hair or synthetic?

We have hair pieces made with both human hair and synthetic fibers. Hair pieces made with human hair look and feel like your natural hair. The synthetic hair pieces in our collection are made with high quality synthetic fibers that mimic the look and softness of biol hair. Some of these hair pieces are even designed with heat friendly synthetic fibers, so you can use heat tools on the hair for versatile styling.

What types of hair pieces are included with this collection?

Whether you’re searching to conceal hair loss or glamorize your look, our collection of hair pieces has your perfect hair solution. We have extensions, buns, wraps, ponytails, partial wigs, and headbands. Our hair pieces are made with either synthetic fiber or human hair and come in a variety of colors, textures, and lengths to suit your preference.