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Unsure about which fiber type you'd like for your topper? We're here to help!

When choosing which fiber is best for you, keep in mind your own bio hair's natural pattern (wavy, curly, straight, etc.), and the level of versatility you need from your top piece. Below is a quick guide to fiber types to help make your decision a little easier: 

Hair Topper Fibers


Synthetic hair mimics the look and movement of human hair at a fraction of the cost. Synthetic hair is lightweight and has style memory, which means the style you choose will remain stunning through washes and bad weather. This easy to care for style will also retain its color vibrancy throughout its entire lifespan! View All Synthetic Toppers
Budget: $
Lifetime: 4-6 months

Heat-Friendly Synthetic

Heat-Friendly Synthetic hair has all the perks of synthetic hair plus the benefit of heat styling versatility. Heat-Friendly Synthetic hair retains its color vibrancy just like standard synthetic hair, but heat-friendly synthetic hair can be heat styled with tools set at 270° F - 280° F. Plus, the styling will remain even through washings! View All Heat-Friendly Synthetic Toppers
Budget: $
Lifetime: 2-3 months

Human Hair & Heat Friendly Synthetic Blends

Human Hair and Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair Blend moves and feels like human hair but is more lightweight and vibrant in color like synthetic. This blended hair can be styled like human hair and will hold its styling like heat-friendly synthetic hair. View All Human Hair Blended Toppers
Budget: $$
Lifetime: 6-12 months

Human Hair

Human Hair... there’s nothing like the real thing! Human hair provides the most natural look and movement. 100% human hair has a longer lifespan than any other fiber alternatives. Enjoy the freedom to style your human hair any way you’d like because it’s the real thing! View All Human Hair Toppers
Budget: $$$
Lifetime: 12 months+

Remy Human Hair

Remy Human Hair, sometimes spelt Remi, is the epitome of luxury. Remy Human Hair is less prone to tangling because all the cuticles of each hair are all laying in the same direction. This will give you the silkiest & smoothest look of all the fibers. The term "remy" defines how the hair was processed at source. View All Remy Human Hair Toppers
Budget: $$$
Lifetime: 12 months+

Blending Your Topper With Your Hair

Watch our video below to ensure you achieve the most natural look with your new topper!