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5 Tips for a Completely Natural Look With Wigs

Posted on February 14 2017

Look completely natural in your wig with these professional tricks used on celebrities everywhere. Your wig can look so perfect you'll actually want to tell everyone "it's a wig!"


Although human hair wigs are amazing... you don't have to have the most expensive wig to have a natural look. Don't break the bank thinking the most expensive wig is always the best.  


Go with your budget, needs, and personal taste and then use some professional tricks of the trade to maximize your investment.  Wigs are a game changer for every woman.  Now we just have to learn to use them to our advantage!  Use these tips to make you feel completely confident you look your best.  


The most important wig tips are not about what brand to buy or what style to wear.  You will get the best and most natural results when you focus on how you are wearing your wig and what features you don't skimp on!   See all you need to know (below) to take it up a notch and make your wig look flawless:



Tip #1. Rooted Colors 

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growth from your scalp. Rooted colors are also a product of a high-end salon visit. This also helps give the illusion of natural hair. However, if you just can't get used to the idea of the rooted look or If you cant find a rooted color for your wig, make sure you pick a color that has a blend of two or more colors to give you dimension. Highlighted color has relatively the same affect as rooted. Solid colors and wigs have a tendency to look less natural. 




Tip #2 Lace Front and Monofilament Top are Key! 


Having good quality human hair or synthetic hair and the right color is important but the right wig cap is key. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive wig to achieve a natural look. 


Lace front is a feature which gives you a virtually natural hairline which is seamless and looks like the hairs along the hairline are growing right out of your head. 


Monofilament tops feature the same benefit of lace front in that they also give the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp where the hair is parted.  Because each hair is sewn in just like natural hair grows...It's a much more natural look.




TIP #3 Product and Heat From Your Hands

These simple tools can improve the look of any wig.  Product is important to condition the hair (make sure to keep the conditioner mostly at the ends). Also... our favorite trick for tempering the glossy look some wigs may have is to use spray powder or dry shampoo lightly on the hair to bring the gloss to a natural shine. 


Use the heat from your hands to tame the flyaway hair and to help the hair at the hairline stand up off your head.  Warm your hands together to create heat. Then place your hand on top of the wig. The heat will help with any unnecessary flyaways and will help create lift where you need it.




TIP #4 Placement of Your Wig

Ellen Wille Sky Wig

Where you wear your wig will definitely make a difference in how natural it looks.  If your wig is too far down on your forehead, it will be noticeable. First you want to make sure your wig is the right size. Then we recommend wearing a nylon or mesh cap underneath. This will conceal your own hair and help any hair fall out under the wig.  Your wig should lie right on your natural hairline.


Now, if you don’t have any hair and you’re trying to figure out where your natural hairline would be… Use the 90-degree angle trick. Simply hold one hand in front of your face pointing up while the other hand will rest on top of your head. Touch the fingertips of both hands together creating that 90-degree angle.  Right where you finger tips meet will be where your hairline is!  Watch the video to see how easy it is for you. 


TIP #5 The Magic Blend Trick

One of our favorite tricks is blending a wig in with your own hair. Leave the front section of your hair out and wear the wig a little farther back on your head to expose your natural hair. Make sure to style your own hair to match the Wigs texture or curl pattern for the most seamless look.


Lace front wigs gives you a beautifully natural looking hairline… But your ACTUAL hairline can't be beat! So if you have the hair to do it… Try it!



Now that you know some of the pros best tricks, try some or all of them. You'll be surprised what a difference they make in the styles you already own. But, it may prompt you wanting to get a new style!  Whether you need to wear wigs or simply want to wear them to make life easier… These tips will give you the confidence to flaunt it.


We'd love to know your results with any of these tips…Please Leave Your Comments Below:


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  • The Wig Experts: July 10, 2017

    Dear Pratt,

    Thank you for you comment on our blog!

    We apologize for the inconvenience! However, if you cut the hair from the clip the piece will fall apart. A similar pony that we recommend trying is the 23" Long Wave Pony by HAIRDO. This pony is stunning and come with a long strip of wrap around hair that securely connects with a Velcro attachment.

    Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

    All the best,

    The Wig Experts

  • Barbara Pratt: July 01, 2017

    I recently purchased an easihair ponytail clip called Rampage. when wearing the clip it is just way to big it sticks off the back of my head like a horse tail. It said on the packaging optional drawstring bun base, but there were no instructions inside and I could not find any instructions on your website as a remedy to this problem. I was afraid to cut the hair from the clip, for fear it would fall apart. If I cut it off the clip can I use the draw string, the clip seems to be way to large and heavy for my head. Please let me know what to do.
    Love the hair, but can’t use it the way it is.

  • The Wig Experts: June 30, 2017

    Hi Louise!

    Thank you for your comment!

    The wig she is wearing is the Zara by Jon Renau in the color 12FS8 rooted. Here is where you can find it:

    Hope this helps, and if you have any further questions please let us know!

  • Louise : June 27, 2017

    I was wondering if you could help me finding the wig that the woman in the video explaining the five tips for a natural look is wearing. (The blond one with a rooted look) I am having a difficult time finding it on the site.
    Hope you are able to help me!

  • Megan Alder: June 06, 2017

    Smart, I don’t think I’ve heard about people blending their wig with their real hair. My sister has been asking me to buy her a wig, and I have no idea why. It’d be fun though watching my sister put it on, I’ll just have to make sure that I ask what color and style of the wig she’d want.

  • Rachel Lannister: May 18, 2017

    In the article you wrote that when you are wearing a hairpiece, you should make sure that it isn’t too far down on your forehead or else it will look odd and unnatural. My sister is seriously considering getting a wig, and she wanted to make sure that she did it right. Once we find a great wig that compliments her skin tone, I’ll be sure to sit down with her and figure out how to make it best fit on her head to ensure it looks great. Thanks for the terrific tips.

  • The Wig Experts: April 12, 2017

    Elise & JC,
    Our model, Roxie (wearing the pink sparkly dress & black shirt in the video), is wearing Daisy Short Side Braid by Forever Young in T16/613.


    Sorry, we don’t keep up with Patty’s Pearls videos. We suggest reaching out to the company for more details.

  • The Wig Experts: April 12, 2017

    Thanks for everyone’s comments!

    We suggest measuring to make sure that you are choosing the correct cap size for you. If that doesn’t help, wig tape and bobby pins work very well for keeping your style in place!

    To tame flyaway hairs, we suggest trying Beautimark’s Style & Hold Hairspray( $12.25) or our Shaping Creme ($12.25)! They both work like magic!

  • Elise: April 04, 2017

    Yes, how do you find the platinum white rooted or uprooted wig showed in the picture that the model is wearing? ….also, in some of the other wig styes.

  • letizia: March 31, 2017

    I saw yesterday Patty Pearls with a wig and she demonstrated how to wear it, I would like to by that wig and try it I like the style the colour was light blond can you help?

  • Jc Summers: March 29, 2017

    How do I find the platinum white wig shown here

  • Marianne Milledge: March 28, 2017

    Glad to know how to tame flyaway hairs. Just got my Ellen Wille United rooted and there are lots of flyaway hairs at the part. Love the lace front wig but not the noticeable stand up hairs. I will try the hand warming and see if that works. Hope it does as I would hate to return the wig. If that doesn’t work what else can I try next? Thank you.

  • Catherine Cook: March 28, 2017

    I have extremely fine, thin hair. and am reluctant to use glue. But I even with bands, I can’t keep my wig from crawling up my head, even from just sitting at a table for lunch. This is causing a great deal of embarrassment, and makes me afraid to wear my wig. Any help would be appreciated.

  • susan: March 16, 2017

    I have a problem with the nylon slipping on the top of my head and then giving me a peak which it’s hard to change. the size seems comfortable but this is a problems. any ideas. Susan

  • The Wig Experts: March 15, 2017

    Thank you for your comment!

  • Peace: March 07, 2017

    A lot of cancer patients have terrible time finding a wig that looks natural. Thanks for your tips

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