5 Ways to Share the Love on Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Share the Love on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day finally here, the scramble to find a special someone can make you a little anxious. Let's face it, the pressure to have some eye candy on your arm can be a tad stressful. But this holiday, we’re going to change things up and make it a little less about them, and a little more about YOU.

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Valentine’s day is a wonderful day that so many people dread simply because they don’t have a special someone, but just because you’re single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate and go out and have the time of your life! With that said, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways you can share the love on this Valentine’s Day, no matter who it's to. So, let’s get started!

Valentine’s Day for Singles: Put YOU First

More so than ever, people tend to stress about the ‘love’ and ‘relationship’ aspect of Valentine’s Day, and don’t really think about the fact that love — can also mean ‘self-love’. Like the saying goes — “you can’t love someone until you learn to love yourself”. So why not make this day all about you? Treat yourself to your favorite food, and a night in with your favorite movie, buy yourself an expensive gift, get yourself a makeover, or even buy yourself flowers — whatever your cup of tea is, go with that and make your heart happy. Valentine’s Day is truly a wonderful day for cherishing everything that makes you, you, and bringing a smile to your face in the process, so make sure you go out of your way to make yourself feel special!

Get Crafty with V-Day Cards and Decor

Who doesn’t love making beautiful Valentine’s Day cards or setting up some awesome V-Day decor? Whether you’re in grade school or a senior, you’re never too old to get into the spirit of this awesome and loving day of the year, and thankfully, there’s more than just one way to go about doing it. If you’re into pink hearts and bows, or roses and red wine, getting crafty on Valentine’s Day is a beautiful way to celebrate (especially if you’re celebrating with just your sexy little self).  Invite the ladies over, have a girl’s night, get crafty, and just let your wild and creative side shine through (after all — girls just wanna have fun!).


Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, donating or helping someone is need is never a bad idea. When you bless someone else, you'll be blessed ever more! So donate to someone else, and to truly give back to a world that needs you. For that reason, make sure you click the button to donate to Breast Cancer Awareness in the checkout when you make your P.S. We Love You sale-day purchases today.  Because, after all, isn’t V-Day all about spreading the love to others?

Rock A Red or Pink Wig

And of course, we have to mention a beautiful and fun way to get into the V-Day spirit - a red or pink wig! We all know we love wigs (that’s a no-brainer), and rocking a bold color like this is sure to be a show stopper! Whether you’ve got a hot date, or a night out on the town with the ladies, show your V-Day love like the female cupid herself, and strike your way into the hearts of all you meet!

Surprise Someone

And lastly, take advantage of this day to help spread the love to friends and family all around you.

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Buy some flowers for your neighbor, send a coworker a nice card, buy your best friend chocolates, or even give a gift to a stranger — whatever you choose to do, spreading the love to someone you wouldn’t normally will be a huge welcome of warmth and happiness, and a beautiful way to ensure that no one gets left out on this day. Get creative, be thoughtful, and just have fun with it! You’re bound to make someone smile with your efforts, and in the end — that’s perhaps the greatest gift of all.

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