Applying Ponytail Hairpieces

Applying Ponytail Hairpieces

Ponytail hairpieces are growing in popularity for a reason: they’re quick to apply, and the results can be life-changing! There are two main types of ponytail hairpieces:

  • Clip-in Ponytails. As its name implies, a clip-in ponytail usually comes with a claw clip to secure your hairpiece. Some clip-ins also feature a drawstring to help conceal your biological ponytail.
  • Wrap-Around Ponytails. Wrap-around ponytails generally have an interior comb, some velcro, and an extra piece of hair to cover the velcro.

Both types are easy to work with and will give you a lot of extra volume. Read on to learn how to correctly apply each type of hairpiece!

Clip-In Ponytails

Clip-in ponytails with a claw clip take only minutes to apply! When placing the clip-in, first separate a section of your natural hair and secure it to the top of your head—this step helps ensure that the clip is fully concealed. Then, attach the clip-in on your desired section of hair, and use your fingers to blend the fibers together. To complete the look, criss cross that separated section of your natural hair, wrapping it around the sides and underneath your ponytail. If you need to, you can always re-secure the hairpiece with your claw clip at the bottom.

Ponytail Hairpiece by Jon Renau

If you select a clip-in ponytail with a drawstring, the application process will be slightly different. First, pull your hair into a bun, and situate the bun exactly where you wish to have your ponytail. Then, remove the claw clip from your clip-in ponytail—the clip should simply pull free from the pony. Secure the combs that come with your clip-in ponytail over the bun, and pull the drawstring as tight as is comfortable for a sturdier, longer-lasting fit. With this method, the clip-in ponytail sits closer to your head and allows for a more natural look!

Wrap-Around Ponytails

For adding a seamless touch to your everyday style, a wrap-around ponytail is a safe bet! To apply, place the comb in your wrap-around ponytail between the ponytail holder and your natural hair. Next, wrap the ponytail hairpiece around your natural hair. Make sure to secure it with the velcro! Then, secure the velcro using that extra piece of hair, and secure that with a bobby pin. Use as many bobby pins as you need to feel comfortable and confident that the hairpiece will stay in place.

Wrap Around Ponytail Hairpiece

If you’re not satisfied with the volume of that look, you can always take a few additional steps while applying the hairpiece. First, simply separate a section of your natural hair and secure it to the top of your head. Then, apply the ponytail without wrapping the final section of hair. After teasing the underside of the separated section of natural hair, let it fall, and bundle it with the ponytail. Finally, wrap the final piece of hair around the base of your pony. This will really help to better blend your hairpiece with your biological hair (not to mention how much volume it’ll add)!

And that’s it— a truly seamless process. Now get out there and start turning heads with your new look!

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