Best Women's Hair Toppers 2019

Best Women's Hair Toppers 2019

While wigs have their own covert talents, a hair topper is one serious secret weapon. They almost seem like the industry’s best-kept secret. Wigs get all the attention, but what about toppers? I’ll be honest. Until only a few years back, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I could explain what a wig was – I mean, who couldn’t? It was the same with extensions. I wore those back in high school, after all.

Best Top Pieces for 2019

Toppers, though, are magical hairpieces. Often affectionately named “helper hair,” toppers are a great solution for adding volume and life to thinning hair. Many people use them to ease the transition to full wigs. Whatever your reason for wanting to top it off, we are here to help. Since we are basically halfway through the year, we have compiled the best toppers of 2019. Let this year be the year of amazing hair!

easiPart HD 12" Synthetic Hair Topper by Jon Renau

 Brunette Hair Topper

You may be surprised to learn that several conditions can cause a woman’s hair to thin or even fall out. Thyroid disorders, alopecia, and chemotherapy are only a few of the reasons a woman might experience hair loss. This 12” synthetic hair topper by easiPart is a lifesaver! Toppers aren’t just for hair loss though. If you just have thin or thinning hair, this synthetic hair topper can give you the bounce and volume you are looking for.

Top Billing Synthetic Lace Front Hair Topper by Raquel Welch

 Hair Topper With Bangs

When we hear the phrase “top billing,” we usually think of which movie star’s name is the most noticeable in a movie poster. Don’t stress your topper being noticeable, though! The Top Billing hair topper by Raquel Welch has a lace front and a monofilament top to ensure a seamless fit. The piece reaches a little over 11 inches long so, if you like, you can have your stylist trim this topper for a better blend. This piece is well suited, coverage-wise, for those in the mid-stages of hair loss.

easiPart HD XL 12" Synthetic Hair Topper by Jon Renau

 Short Blonde Hair Topper

So-called “helper hair” can give you back the confidence hair loss or thinning has taken away. easiPart HD XL by Jon Renau is a heat friendly synthetic topper. The base of this piece measures over 5 inches but graduates to 3 inches at the hairline. This piece may be ideal for you if you are at the beginning or middle stages of hair loss. Even though it’s synthetic, it looks and feels just like human hair. Our customers rave about how natural this topper looks. “No one can tell I’m wearing it!” write several reviewers.


Top Style 18" Synthetic Hair Topper by Jon Renau

 Straight Hair Topper

No matter your reason for wearing a topper, you deserve to look stylish. Top Style by Jon Renau is made for versatility. The monofilament top gives you multi-direction parting options. It’s even long enough to pull back into a ponytail if you need to. This topper offers full coverage at the crown of the head and is intended for later stages of hair loss. If you need less length, this Jon Renau piece is also made in an 12-inch style.



What’s your favorite hair topper? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments!

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Luv this length and the style. I have one of her mid length beach wave. Which is a great one. My question can you cut bangs into this one?

Elaine Stefan

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