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Colors in Jon Renau Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

As this tumultuous year draws to an end, you may be thinking it’s time for some changes. One such change could be your typical wig.
Maybe you’ve been loyal to Jon Renau’s synthetic wigs, but you’ve found yourself wondering how the grass is on the other side. Conversely, if you’ve always gone human hair or nothing, you might be curious about the ease of a synthetic wig.
If you do want to switch to a new fiber type, you don’t have to sacrifice your signature hair color! For those looking to color match human hair and synthetic hair wigs, the process is relatively painless. In this guide, we’ll guide you through a seamless transition of your favorite hue between fibers types!

A Quick Review of Fiber Types

Jon Renau wigs, like most wigs, come in three different fibers: synthetic, heat-friendly synthetic, and human hair. For Jon Renau branded wigs, heat-friendly synthetic is labeled as HD fiber.
Synthetic hair is manmade fibers designed to mimic human hair. Synthetic brings convenience, as such wigs are typically ready-to-wear right out of the box. The fiber keeps its style through washing and wearing. 
HD fiber, or heat-friendly synthetic hair, is hair that can be heat-styled with thermal tools set at 270° F - 280° F. This feature allows for versatile styling of human hair, with the affordability of synthetic.
Human hair, of course, is hair that has been collected from a human. Human hair wigs tend to be pricier because of this. It’s the most natural wig type and can be heat-styled and maintained like human hair.

Transitioning Your Color

All three wig types have their strengths and weaknesses. The decision usually comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. Things change though, and you can always try out a different kind of wig.
Jon Renau wigs have extremely similar colors across fiber types, appearance-wise. However, the color numbers vary in the different kinds of wigs.
Don’t worry - I won’t ask you to start comparing color swatches! This process is much easier than an afternoon spent at the hardware store, staring at paint choices.
We’ll start off with a popular example. The most common hair tone in nature, and in wig shopping, is brunette. Let’s say your wig collection contains the Kristen wig from the Jon Renau line. Good for you, girl - the mid-length bob is to die for!
The Kristen wig you own in this scenario is in the color 6, otherwise known as Fudgesicle. For this synthetic wig, that’s a rich brunette color.
Still, after years of undying loyal to Miss Kristen, you’re looking to branch out. You have your eye on the Carrie wig by Jon Renau, but you don’t want to switch hair colors. Luckily for you, the Carrie wig’s color number 4, known simply as Brown, is a near-identical match to the synthetic Fudgesicle color of the Kristen wig.

Jon Renau

If you’re more of a visual person, we’ve included this handy chart for easy comparing. Please take note of the asterisks for further details.

Color Category
Human Hair
HD Fiber
24BRH18 *
Rooted Blonde
14/88 *
* 24BRH18 is a gorgeous dark natural ash blonde hue with light blonde highlights. It isn’t available in all Jon Renau human hair wigs, so keep an eye out.
* If you’re looking into a grey human hair option, you may notice the 14/88 hue is a blonde, not gray. In order to best match the beautiful 60 shade found in synthetic Jon Renau wigs, you’ll need to alter a 14/88 tone.
We recommend you take your wig to a professional for color alterations. Human hair wigs can tolerate the deposit of color up to two shades darker. Please note before introducing any hair dye, we can only accept returns of wigs that are still in factory condition with tags attached.
Switching fibers doesn’t mean trading in your favorite hair color! Have you made the jump from human hair to synthetic hair or vice versa? Did the color transition go seamlessly? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


Hi Diana,

Great question! Unfortunately, color matching is not always so simple. While color codes are a helpful guide when navigating color, there are also a number of other factors to consider. These can be the brands, types of fibers, and even cut that can impact these color designs.

The Wig Experts

Hi Agnes,

The color English Toffee by Jon Reanu is also known as 10H24B which comes in most hair toppers and hairpieces by Jon Renau.

If you are wanting more coverage, and are interested in a synthetic wig, a similar color is FS10/16 (Light Brown with Ash Blonde Highlights.)

If you prefer human hair, a similar color is 24BRH18 (Dark Natural Ash Blonde with 33% Light Gold Blonde Highlights.)

Please keep in mind that the colors we mentioned are not 100% identical to the color English Toffee.

We hope this helps!

The Wig Experts

Which Jon Renau color is closest to 14/88 in other brands?


Wondered if you have anything in the color English Toffee


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