Curling Synthetic Hair

How To Curl Synthetic Wigs

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Curling Synthetic Hair

Curling a heat friendly synthetic fiber is no easy feat. Curling your heat-friendly synthetic hair wigs and hair extensions may be a little tedious or present some challenges. But, that’s okay because… as usual, we will walk you through curling your heat-friendly synthetic hair.  We will start with a disclaimer… NOT ALL SYNTHETIC FIBERS ARE HEAT FRIENDLY. Regular synthetic pieces can withstand NO HEAT at all and will melt if brought around any heat. If you do curl a regular synthetic hair piece you will singe the piece.

On the flip side, a heat-friendly synthetic fiber can withstand a low heat. Heat-friendly fibers should be curled or straightened with a heating tool that does not exceed 270° F - 280° F. Keep in mind; you can only alter heat-friendly fibers with heat. If you wash your piece, it will maintain the previous style until you choose to straighten/curl it. The more heat put on any fiber, the more the piece will deteriorate. We recommend purchasing two of the same heat-friendly styles, this will help them last longer. We recommend keeping one curly and one straight.


To curl a heat-friendly fiber, you will need the following items:


For starters you want to wash your piece with the BeautiMark shampoo and conditioner; this will ensure you are working with a clean base.

Once clean, spray your piece with the 3-in-1 Miracle Protect Spray to protect your item from any heat damage.

Set your curling tool, to no more than 275 degrees.

While your tool is heating, section your piece and hold the sections down with styling clips. You are now ready to begin curling!

When curling the hair, wrap your hair around the curling iron and count to 15. This will allow the heat to penetrate the hair and curl it. You will then release the hair from the curling iron.  Use the styling clip to hold the shape of the curl and attach it to the cap until cool. You can also hold the curl in your hand till it cools. You will proceed with these steps throughout the piece.

Once complete you can release the curls and separate them to your desired style. The more you separate the curls the more voluminous your hair will be.

Should you choose change the style, you will need your flat iron to straighten the hair. Now that we have offered up our pro tips on curling your heat-friendly synthetic hair, we’d say you’re ready to take on curling as a sport and you’ll look FABULOUS while doing it.

If you're looking for more heat-friendly wigs, check out our selection of heat-friendly synthetic blend wigs! 

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