How to Style Short Wigs

How to Style Short Wigs

Who says short hair is boring? Not us! Short wigs and hair can be styled in so many ways! Check out our favorite styles for pixies, short bobs, long bobs, and shags.
Before pushing ahead, I do want to note that synthetic wigs will not have much styling versatility as these fibers already have their styling baked in, so human hair wigs and HD friendly wigs will be easier to work with when it comes to adding a new hair pattern.



Go For It by Raquel Welch

Pixie wigs don’t lend themselves to hundreds of styles but even this cropped cut can be spiced up!
For an effortless carefree look, try adding some texture to your pixie cut. Using mousse or styling creme (make sure it’s formulated for alternative hair), gently finger tousle the strands. Perfection isn’t the goal here - a little mess gives it sass.

 Go For It by Raquel Welch

When you’re feeling like a more polished look, go for a smoothed pixie. If your wig is made from human hair or a heat-friendly synthetic fiber, run a flat iron through the tresses for that sophisticated look.

Short Bobs


Bob wigs are a surprisingly versatile cut! The below short bob styles are knockouts.

Success Story Wig by Raquel Welch 

To get this boss babe look, you’ll need your hairdryer. Friendly reminder: Human Hair and Heat-Friendly Synthetic Fiber can be heat styled using thermal styling tools around 270° F - 280° F.

Using a round brush, blow the front sections of the hair back to add lift and volume. 

Once the hair has cooled, tease the front sections with a comb. Afterward, separate the sections by gently finger combing.
A popular way to style a short bob is straight. It’s best to start this style after a wash. That way, you can blow dry it with a round brush to achieve the curled under ends. 
 Success Story Wig by Raquel Welch
If your wig has any sort of wave, you’ll need to use a straightening iron. It can help to pull half of the wig up so you can work with the bottom layer first. If you have a bang, sweep it off to the side of your face.
You may have purchased a short bob wig complete with a bang, or maybe you customized a wig to meet your fringe desires! If so, you’ll need to style those bangs.
 Success Story Wig by Raquel Welch
To get this side-swept wispy bang, start after a wash. Blow-dry the bang on the opposite side of where you want it to lay. This gives it that sought-after swoop.

Long Bobs


Beguile Wig by Raquel Welch 

Long bobs are the most flexible style. Somewhere in between short and long cuts, this hair can pull off just about any look.
Who doesn’t love volume? To get this luxurious look, wash your wig. When the wig has air dried 80% of the way, introduce the blow-dryer.
Use that round brush! The clever styling utensil is the secret to all the volume.
 Beguile Wig by Raquel Welch
Beachy waves are so on-trend. You can achieve this wave with a curling iron or a flat iron. If using a curling iron, aim to keep the iron on the hair for the bare minimum time. You don’t want to get a full-blown curl, just a wave. Also, start with the curling iron in the middle, not the bottom of the hair.
With a flat iron, clamp a section of hair and then flip the flat iron. Once flipped, gently pull the iron through the hair section. When you release the hair, it will be an effortless wave.
 Carrie by Jon Renau
A long bob also looks amazing straightened. As you can imagine, this look comes from a flat iron. Before using a flat iron on human hair or heat-friendly synthetic, try a heat protectant spray.


Razor Cut Shag by TressAllure


A shag is an edgy layered cut, and it just looks so devastatingly cool. Amp up the look with these styles.
Precision cuts in hair are all about edge and angles. It’s an effortlessly cool look.
If you have a shag wig, show off those razor-cut layers by leaving them piecey and not smoothing them out.
 Sophia by Jon Renau
A shag looks flirty when it’s left tousled. Add a slight wave with a curling or flat iron. Once you cinch that perfect wave, tousled the hair with your fingers. Try some styling creme for extra hold.
If your wig doesn’t have a bang already, this style pairs so well with a curtain bang!
 Ignite by JR
Despite the layers, a shag can still rock the straight look. If your wig isn’t already straight and is heat-friendly, use a flat iron. Low on volume? Try a blow dryer and round brush on the crown.

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