Humidity Hairstyles

Humidity Hairstyles

I love watching Instagram stories while trying to find cute and edgy styles to emulate as I head out onto the streets to soak up the sun and dance the night away. However, as much as I enjoy watching these styles take shape in a video, anytime I try to attempt one - regardless of skill level - I am oftentimes defeated by the summer heat and its ability to turn my perfectly styled locks into a frizzy, dull mess.


Humidity Hairstyles


After so many years of living in an incredibly hot climate, I finally asked my hairdresser what I was doing wrong and how I could prevent my styles from going flat. After discussing with her, I learned that there are four things that are important to remember as you begin styling in these summer months.


  1. Put your hands up and back away from the hot tools.

  • A surefire way to increase the likelihood of damage and frizz this summer is by adding more heat to an already heated environment. But also, forcing your hair to stay straight if it has any other texture or wave in it, can make your hair even more unlikely to cooperate. Hot tools can also cause your hair to become overly dry and brittle causing a lot of breakage and dullness to occur. So pack those tools away - at least for the summer months!


  1. Swap out the hairspray for an anti-humidity spray

  • If you tend to avoid hairspray because it can weigh your hair down and make it feel crunchy, you may feel like you are backed against a wall trying to keep your hair in check this summer. However, there are other options to try to foster health in your hair without creating “helmet head” with hairspray. By swapping in an anti-humidity spray instead of hairspray before styling, your strands will have a protective layer to prevent frizz and create stronger bonds in your hair.


  1. If you are going to put your hair up, go for a braid or a bun or another coiled style.

  • If you are trying to get rid of the possibility of getting overheated with a lot of hair on your neck, putting your hair up might be a great option. In order to ward against humidity, coiled styles, are not only lasting but will work to ward off any excess oil buildup from the excess moisture in the air.


  1. Keep your hands off and out of it!

  • This one is pretty straight forward. Now we all love to run our fingers through our hair - especially when it is wavy and soft; but this is a complete no-no for the summer months. It’s pretty simple: the more you touch it, the more it frizzes. So when you are out in the heat, keep your hands out of your hair.


    Tori Wig by Rene of Paris


    How do you deal with the summer humidity?

    Please note*: Our guest writers share their opinions and experiences and we appreciate them! 

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