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My Mistakes & Lessons Learned with Lace Front Wigs by Kim Stamiris

Posted on September 28 2021

Written by Kim Stamiris | @kim_stam
At, our goal is to connect and serve those in the hair loss community and walk arm in arm with them.  That’s why we are excited to team up with Kim Stamiris, who shares her struggles, victories, tips & tricks with a tireless passion for supporting so many that follow her. She is a true mentor in our community. Learn more about Kim here

Lace front wigs are made with a thin, mesh-like material with hairs that are painstakingly added to this material. Strand by strand, hairs are hand-tied to give the most natural-looking scalp effect. This lace is delicate, meaning that it is one of the most fragile features found on a wig cap.

Like pantyhose or stockings, the lace material needs to be handled with a light touch. Improper care can cause the delicate lace to rip or become irreparably damaged. But, unlike your pantyhose and stockings, there is no amount of clear nail polish that you can DIY to ‘save’ your lace front!

Lesson 1: Don't Be a Lace Tugger

In the early days of my wig-wearing, I was extremely self-conscious about wearing a wig. I would continuously pull and tug on the lace at the front. This tugging resulted in the lace fraying near the ear tabs, small rips and tears, and worst of all, the dreaded warping where the lace front ended up looking like ripple-cut crisps. 

Lace Front Tugging

Lesson 2: Lace Front Wig Warping

After one too many lace fronts warping, I went in search of information. I reached out to some ‘wig-sisters’ on social media. I asked many questions whether my lace problems were because of a specific wig flaw or whether I was the unlucky one to receive a manufacturer dud! I received a plethora of responses and theories as to why my lace didn’t withstand the test of time.

Lace Front Warping

It took me a couple of years and a few ruined wigs to realize that it was actually me. I was making a mistake.

Lesson 3: Not Placing My Wig Correctly

You may have forgotten where your hairline actually started for those who have complete hair loss and are bald like me. Now, I typically recommend following this 4-finger rule as a guide. 

Lace Front Wig Placement

Measure 4 fingers up from the bridge of your nose or your brow bone to find the hairline placement area. This technique is a good starting point for where your lace front should sit. If needed, you can move your hairline placement by small increments up or down. Hairline varies from person to person, so you’ll need to determine what feels right for you and looks best on your unique face shape and features. 

To see how I put my lace front wigs on, read all about it here.

Lace Front Wig Placement

My Current Lace Front Favs

Some of the lace front wigs I have been loving and reaching for this month are all surprisingly in the bob-length category.

Drive by Ellen Wille in Pastel Blonde Rooted

My top pick is Drive. It’s perfect right out of the box, and I always feel so put together when I wear her!  

Bob Wig

Carrie Lite by Jon Renau in Shaded Sun (27T613S8)

Part of the new Jon Renau SmartLace Lite Collection, this cap is so lightweight and comfortable. It’s also perfect for updos! 

Carrie Lite Wig

Unfiltered by Raquel Welch in Fiery Copper (RL31/29)

The hairline on Raquel Welch wigs is beautiful every time. This shorter, wavy style is just so fun and feminine.

Fiery Red Wig


  • The Wig Experts: October 04, 2021

    Hello Marissa,

    You’re right, synthetic fiber and heat-friendly synthetic fiber are more prone to tangling especially when compared to human hair or biological hair. We recommend using a wide tooth comb and gently combing up the strands while holding the knots before reaching the cap or base to prevent tension on the cap.

    The right care products and regiment is crucial to getting the most wear from your hair. Washing your synthetic wigs with synthetic shampoo and conditioner every 7-9 wears is recommended. In between your washes you can use synthetic detangler to prevent tangling, restore moisture, and provide the fibers with a protective coating. If your wigs begin to feel stiff, this may indicate they are in need of a good wash and conditioning or product build up.

    We are here to help! You are welcome to book a virtual consultation or send us images and information about your current care regiment so we can better assist you with your pieces and guidance on care. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 6:30 pm CST. Call TOLL FREE 1-800-581-2001 or email

    Best Reards,
    The Wig Experts

  • The Wig Experts: October 04, 2021

    Hi Joanne and Maggie,

    Great question! Unfortunately itchy lace fronts are a common concern for many of us who wear hair. Generally this discomfort comes from the friction or poking sensation while wearing our wigs or toppers. This issue can also feel worse for those dealing with certain hair loss conditions or chemotherapy treatments that may cause our scalps to feel more sensitive than usual.

    Luckily this can be avoided. Wearing your wig should be a comfortable and secure experience. We can avoid or curb this itchy feeling from friction or being poked by our lace front wigs and toppers the following ways:

    1. Make sure your wig is properly fitted for you. Measure before you purchase to ensure you get the right size.

    2. When wearing your wig, be sure to use your adjustable tabs to make sure your wig fits securely and comfortably to prevent moving or sliding back and forth while wearing your hair.

    3. Try using a Wig Secure band. These will also help your wig from moving as much while wearing your hair and preventing that unnecessary friction and irritation.

    4. Try an adhesive! Our Blue Adhesive Tape For Swiss Lace is perfect for all types of lace fronts. Gentle enough for lace but secure enough to keep your lace in place all day! Be sure to use the Lace Release or Let Go Adhesive Remover with this product for a gentle removal when taking your wig or topper off for the day.

    We are pleased to offer you the benefit of licensed cosmetologists on staff ready to assist you and provide expert advice on color and style. We also now offer Virtual Consultations! Book your appointment today. We would love to help anyone learn how to measure for a wig and our Experts have a number of tips and tricks that may be helpful to you!

    If you would like to speak to us directly, please call toll-free 1-800-581-2001 (outside the U.S., please call 1-214-443-4848). Licensed cosmetologists are available to take your call Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 6:30PM CST.

    Best Regards,
    The Wig Experts

  • Prima: October 04, 2021

    I only wear Upstage by Racquel Welch. I love her BIG BUT the nape hair goes bad and nappy
    Soon after a few wearing!! Please ask her to
    do something about that!! It’s a beautiful and popular wig so maybe she does no feel she needs to improve….sad. I’m going to check out Drive by Ellen Willie

  • Patricia: October 04, 2021

    Hi Kim
    Loved the article. I’ve only had one lace front wig and destroyed it with the tugging.
    I was able to postpone its demise by cutting the lace a little.
    Now I know what went wrong and am willing to try again.
    I have a question, what do you use, glue or tape?
    Thank you <3

  • Linda Gelinas: October 04, 2021

    Thank you for putting this information together. Although I do not use the type of wig, I found the suggestions very helpful in general.

    I want to use toppers to fill out my thinning hair. I just can’t get them to look like they do in the photos. It is a little daunting and I could benefit from these kinds of instructive tips with photos. It would give me more working with the toppers.

  • Barbara : October 04, 2021

    That wig is beautiful on you. You can not tell it’s a wig.

  • Suzann Roberts: October 04, 2021

    These helpful hints are outstanding! I’ve worn “spare hair” for almost 15 years. I’m going to save this information in my files for those who ask me questions… the answers are all here and, thank you for this!
    You are a beautiful woman… and wear each wig beautifully! I love the lace-front wigs.. however, I am quite a bit older and my spare-hairs are all short and now white. So many to choose from, thank goodness! I’ve overbought so many times but figure I’m worth it. Many become my favorites and I re-order, numerous times.
    Keep up the good work. I’m so thankful for

  • Maggie: October 04, 2021

    Lace front wigs itch me. I like them but after several minutes of wear I am itching and uncomfortable. Does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know a trick to alleviate it.

  • Marissa Teijo: October 04, 2021

    My main problem with synthetic wigs is how easily they tangle. Will untangling eventually ruin delicate hand tied wigs? How do I untangle without pulling out hairs and ruining a wig?

    How can I tell when a wig needs to be washed? I’ve noticed some of mine are getting a little stiff. Is that an indicator of needing a wash?


  • Phyllis Whitley: October 04, 2021

    I am using from the Raquel line of wigs and have nevr been disapointed. love her wigs!

  • Julie Ann: October 04, 2021

    Oh so true, I warped a few lace fronts before I figured it out. I found that placing a wet washcloth on the lace before removing it helps to loosen the ‘It Stays’ glue and the wig slides right off.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Tobie Johnson : October 04, 2021

    Thanks for the tips! I too have complete hair loss and am always looking for tips! I usually gently pull by the ear tabs to adjust my wigs throughout the day. Natural oils and sweat do make it move, as well as talking, laughing and chewing food. The struggle is real!! AND finding wigs for little heads like mine :)

  • joanne rosenberg: October 04, 2021

    I find the lace very itchy…any suggestions

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