Light Hair, Dark Eyebrows!

Light Hair, Dark Eyebrows!

The days of thin eyebrows have long passed. Procedures like permanent makeup and microblading are showing women want a thicker fuller appearance for their brows. Perhaps it’s because people now think it gives the face balance or it’s the opposite of what was trending ten years ago or that thicker brows look healthy. Thicker brows are undoubtedly in, and this is not a trend that anyone will regret—especially with light hair color ideas.


Light Hair, Dark Eyebrows! 


Inspiration and Hair Trends for Thicker Brows and Light Hair


Emilia Clarke’s character on the popular HBO series Game of Thrones has incredibly white-leaning blonde hair. Her almost silver tresses are starkly contrasted by dark brown ungroomed eyebrows. Her look as Khaleesi is iconic and has set the stage for other regal trend-setters to follow suit.

This hair trend, however, was around long before Game of Thrones. Madonna in the 1980s didn’t only wow the world with her wild performance antics. Her unruly but glamorous look made the statement thick natural eyebrows are beautiful and exceptionally with a light hair trend. The blonde singer paired her brown eyebrows with short blonde tousled locks—one of the most timeless hair cuts for blonde hair. 

Marilyn Monroe is known for her ultra-feminine features and peroxide-blonde hair. Her eyebrows, though, were notably darker than her crown’s hue. Perhaps the 60s idol had too much chicness, sexiness, and style for observers to really remember here dark eyebrows. Either way, the fact Marilyn rocked this trend absolutely affirms it’s beautiful.

Flashing back to another 60s movie star—Doris Day. This actress was not so much sex as she was sweet, but she certainly was dynamic and bold. Her standard 60s bob and updo—(fantastic hair cuts for blonde hair)—were quintessential for the time period’s style. Her eyebrows were indicative of her youth and vitality.


Thick Brown Eyebrows Portray Youthfulness—Show Them Off


As people age, hair begins to thin on the eyebrows and the head—(don’t overpluck when you’re younger!) Keeping svelte eyebrow drama makes a person look younger. If you’re dying your eyebrows to achieve this fresh-faced look, consider making them pop more with a blonde mane.


Celebrities with This Look Combination and Light Hair Color Ideas


Miley Cyrus is known for being avant-garde and always rocking the most cutting-edge styles. Naturally a brunette, the young singer shocked everyone with blonde short hair—(and a completely new wardrobe.) Although she threw much of her past styles aside, she kept her natural and full eyebrows.

Supermodel Kate Upton has a more subtle contrast with her dark eyebrows. Not as much of a light blonde as Miley, her golden blonde is light enough to still make her eye accessories pop. Her dark brown eyebrows draw attention to her winter blue eyes.

British singer Rita Ora is another star taking advantage and seeing her naturally dark eyebrows as an asset. Diving into the peroxide-blonde hair trend, she looks quite stunning with her blonde hair and even more so with this feature.


Bold, Beautiful, Blonde, and Brown


The recipe for trend-setting today is pretty clear—upset the norm and draw attention to that once forsaken facial feature. Bold eyebrows bring fierceness and drama to any look. They also bring a youthful je ne sais quoi. Have fun throwing plucking and waxing out the door! Show off your natural beauty with light hair and bodacious bold eyebrows.


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