Matching Your Hair and Makeup

Matching Your Hair and Makeup

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New Season, New Color...but don’t forget your makeup!

Spring is in the air...time to change your hair. Everything is getting lighter and brighter outside, why not do the same for you? One of the many advantages of wearing wigs is the ability to easily change your hair color. Spring is a perfect time to go a little lighter and brighter yourself.


Down Time | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Top)

Raquel Welch 'Downtime' Wig SS14/88 Shaded Golden Wheat


Take a good look at your winter hair. Shine a spotlight on it, literally. It’s an Olympic year, think about bronze, silver and gold. You can add these beautiful highlights or be really bold and go all the way with a new red, blonde or brunette shade. Wigs have all the nuances of color you really can’t get in a salon. Shop for your style, then evaluate all the color choices available. Decide on the shape, volume and texture you are happy with, then search that style category so you can see it in all of the popular brands. Every brand has their own blend of colors, so you want to check out as many as possible. I know, it’s like being a kid in a candy store - so many fabulous choices! But choose you must. So pick the shade, pick the blend and place your order.

However daring you choose to be, don’t forget about your overall look. When making a hair color change, women often forget about their makeup! You are not going to be truly happy with your new hair color if it does not perfectly frame your features. If you are a natural brunette and you choose a wig with blonde highlights it is going to bring more attention to your eyes, and your brows. You might notice that your complexion looks a little washed out with the lighter shade. But don’t worry, changing your makeup is as easy and fun as it is changing your hair.

If you haven’t already done this, the first thing I would suggest is taking an online quiz to help you find your best colors. They will ask you to evaluate yourself based on the undertones of your skin, your overall coloring, your eyes and your natural hair. The quiz will help you find your season - are you a spring, summer, autumn or winter? Once you determine your season you will see a basic palette to choose from. You need to try an assortment as it is easy to be distracted by the colors you are naturally drawn to - but your favorites may not be the most complementary to your complexion.

Now that you have determined your season with your natural hair color - take the quiz again using your new wig color. Did your season change? Try a few of the eye colors wearing your new wig. Adjust your brow and mascara color for a more natural look. Your biggest test is going to be with your lip color. If you choose dark hair try a bold color on your lip. Just that one change will make a huge differ- ence!

Need a little more help? Visit the makeup counter in a department store or schedule a free makeover at your favorite retail superstore. Wear your wig to the appointment. Tell them you want just a subtle change to complement your new hair color. Just be prepared, they want you to buy the makeup they use. I’ve done this and walked out of the store with hundreds of dollars worth of products!

One last tip, look at pictures of celebrities online. They change their hair color often with professional makeup artists that help them through each change. Study their looks as they go from dark brown to platinum blonde. Pay close attention to their eyes and lips. You will see how everything balances out for the most natural look.


Matching Your Hair and Makeup


Enjoy the new season, the new you and all of the compliments that will be coming your way. Wear the hair that makes them stare - for all the right reasons!


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