Rooted Wigs - Naturally, The Hottest Trend

Rooted Wigs - Naturally, The Hottest Trend

From Taboo to Trend!

Remember when hair color with roots exposed were considered taboo? Unless you were Madonna (or a little kid with natural sun-kissed hair) .…Roots meant you were either out of time or money to do your hair. Showing your roots was definitely a dressed down version of hair. 

PLF 008HM Rooted Wig by Louis Ferre

But today’s trend ditches the colorist (on purpose!) for a more natural look.  Rooted colors are literally everywhere now.  

Wigs with Dark Roots

The best news is for wigs as rooted colors is the number one way to get the most natural look from your wig and topper.  Rooted Color is the art of starting with a darker root which gradually blends out in to a lighter tone or color through to the ends. This PLF008 Louis Ferre Human Hair Wig in Sunshine Gold is text book high end salon look.  

The funny thing is...roots used to mean you didn’t have time to go to the colorist.  Now to get the most coveted rooted colors and have them look smooth and natural, you have to have a good hair dresser and hope they get it right!

Voltage by Raquel Welch Rooted Wig

Wigs are a necessity for many women and a complete choice of convenience for others. The good news for wig wearers everywhere….no matter what brand you are partial to, all of them are bringing out more rooted colors to meet the demand of this high end salon inspired color trend.  This Voltage Wig by Raquel Welch in color R829S+ glazed hazelnut is stunning.

Each wig manufacturer names this color option something different and uses their own description to reference it. For instance, Jon Renau refers to rooted colors as a "shaded" with an S before the color number in their Exclusive Color Collection. Examples include S12, S10, S8, S6, S4. Raquel Welch uses the letters (SS) in their color description which means Shadow Shade. Amoré and Noriko, which are both under the Rene of Paris brand, designate their rooted colors with a (-R). Henry Margu uses (GR), and Ellen Wille designates her rooted color options with the word Rooted after the color description.

The wigs you see here in this post are some of our favorite most beautifully rooted wigs from our top brands to inspire you.  Rooted colors come in all shades.  Brunette, Red head, or Blonde you can have this gorgeous on trend look in any color!

Dramatic roots make a statement.  Tell the world you are totally on trend with this gorgeous blonde color (Cosmo Blonde) Daisy Short Wig by Forever Young.  These two colors are so opposite yet blend together beautifully for a head turning vavoom look.


Rooted colors don't have to be dramatic.  They can be a subtle transition of two very similar colors like the Illusion human hair /synthetic hair blend Wig by Ellen Wille in Rooted Auburn (below).  Still very naturally rooted but completely understated.

Wavy Brown Wig


Soul Wig by Ellen Wille Wigs in Soft Copper Rooted is another one of our favorites. This is a human hair wig and not only does it look totally natural in color, the hair is amazing. straight or super curly, your color will steal the show! 

Curly Human Hair Wig

Synthetic wigs are especially great for the best experience with rooted colors because synthetic fiber is dyed in a way that keeps the color vivid and consistent throughout its life.  The color will not fade!  This Kristen Smart Lace Synthetic Wig in color 12FS8 Shaded Praline is a great rooted color... Most popular blonde shade in the country!


Kristen Blonde Wig by Jon Renau


Gone are the days of the two toned hair.  What used to be taboo is now trend and we don't see an end to this picture perfect color method.  This is a must try for everyone. When you know you hair looks great, you feel great...Naturally!

We would love to hear from you!  Let us know below what you think of rooted colors... too daring or right up your alley?

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Hi Judith,
Here is a similar color to Shaded Biscuit in Trend Setter…
- SS23 SHADED VANILLA | Cool Platinum Blonde with Almost White Highlights and Dark Roots

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The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

Can you tell me what colors are similar to Shaded Biscuit? I am interested in the Raquel Welch wig, Trend Setter and see that does not have Shaded Biscuit.

What would be the closest color?

Judy Gibson

Judith S. Gibson

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