Summer Hairstyles | Plan Ahead!

Summer Hairstyles | Plan Ahead!

With summer slowing making its way across the country, making summer break plans are inevitable. Top picks for summer break have often entailed beautiful beaches and warm sunshine.  Warm, humid weather and the sea breeze may be great after fall, but it’s not always the most forgiving on hairstyles.


Sarah Wig  by Jon Renaiu

Sarah by Jon Renau features beautiful, built-in waves!


While planning the perfect place to spend your summer vacation, consider these tips for a natural, stylish hairdo!

When on vacation you need a style that not only looks good in a potentially different climate, it also needs to be easy to do. Limiting the number of products to pack along with you is also an added bonus! The good news is that all of these traits can be found in one simple product!


Jon Renau Boho Beach Mist

Jon Renau Boho Beach Mist | Shop


Jon Renau Boho Beach Mist is the must-have for this years summer break vacation. This slim pump bottle is an all in one product and all you will need to pack this year in your suitcase!

With Boho Beach Mist you can easily style your hair into the perfect beach waves. Not only is this product excellent for styling sexy waves, but it also can be used to refresh curls or add texture and volume to fine hair.

This do-it-all product gives you the texture and hold of other products without leaving your hair feeling sticky and stiff. 

The best part of this Boho Beach mist is that it can be easily be put in wet hair, scrunched and left to air dry. Nothing is more important during a vacation than making sure you get to enjoy every second of your time. Saving time on your hairstyle and still having a sexy beach look is a big bonus.

If you are not looking for sexy beach waves, but still are worried about your hair in a new climate, the Boho is still going to be your go-to hair product. Adding it to your wet hair before styling, or to finish off your style at the end, will ensure your look keeps its shape without frizzing all day long.

Boho Beach Mist also works great on human hair wigs to keep your style set and textured through the extent of your vacation.

Using this fresh scented product will keep your hair clean and perfectly styled so you can focus on the more important things while you live it up this summer break.



What are your favorite summer hairstyles?

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