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Wearing Wigs at the Airport

If you’re worried that a trip to the airport with a wig is scary or too much hassle, don't worry. Use the tips below to help you navigate security and feel comfortable traveling with your wigs.


Traveling With Wigs

Wearing the right wig at the airport can make air travel that much easier. A good wig for travel is one that keeps you cool and comfortable. Also, so feel obligated to travel with your most expensive human hair wig. A standard synthetic fiber style is your best option air travel.

If you would still like to bring your human hair wig on your trip, pack it! We recommend the ResQ bag by Amy Gibson. This kit is the best way to travel with multiple wigs. Also, if you choose to put your wigs in your carry-on bag, be sure to pack them so it’s easy to remove them if asked to do so. 

Make sure to include your wig essentials in your luggage. We recommend carrying a wide tooth wig comb in your carry-on for any touchups. And, be sure to pack a wig stand to store your piece when you are not wearing it.


Wigs And Airport Security

The TSA security line can be scary if you are wearing wigs while traveling for the first time. You may need to mentally prepare yourself and your wig for the security check. TSA agents see numerous wigs a day, and they are trained to recognize hairpieces. 

When you reach security, you may choose to discreetly inform them that you are wearing a wig. If they request to check beneath your wig, you can request to hold your wig down while they look underneath it. If an agent does have to touch your hair, don’t be afraid to request they wear a fresh pair of gloves.

If for any reason you are asked to remove your wig, you are allowed to request a private room to do so. For this reason, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to make it through security without missing your flight.


Airplanes and Wigs

Plane hair is real. Your wig just spent hours rubbing against the rough fabric of an airplane seat. So, by the time your plane touches down, your wig is probably looking a little disheveled.

When packing for your trip, you may want to include a carry-on sized detangling spray and a wide-tooth comb in your bag. After exiting the plane, excuse yourself to the bathroom and give your wig a quick touch up. For an even faster job, pack a mirror too and avoid the airport restroom altogether. You are now ready to take on the world in your new destination!


Advice From Our Community:

Most of our clients have said that they have never had issues going through security at the airport - even with clips or bobby pins under their wig! However, if you're still hesitant, we recommend not adding clips or bobby pins under your wig until you have cleared security. One client - a former TSA officer (and wig wearer!) - has this advice and guidance about going through security. 

  1. Your wig will most likely NOT be detected. 
  2. If you have a lot of hair under your wig, it may alarm the body scanner. If this happens, they will need to pat down your hair (wig) while it's on your head. You can kindly ask the officer to change into clean gloves. If you ask, they are required to do so. If they refuse, ask for a supervisor. 
  3. In the unlikely event that they have to look under your wig, you may request a private screening. Your significant other, travel partner, etc., may accompany you in the private screening. However, due to COVID-19 procedures, they may request you to do so alone.
If you have traveled within the last year and have had a private screening due to wearing a wig, please let us know about your experience in the comments. We want to keep this specialized information as up-to-date as possible! 


One client added that if you're flying internationally, try to match your hair color to your passport picture. Writer's Note: as someone whose passport picture is from when their bio hair was dark brown (I'm blonde now), the topic does come up about half the time. Either by a US officer or international clearance officer, just be cognizant that comments or questions may arise in conversation. 


I was not wearing a wig, but was accused of wearing one by a TSA worker. She inspected my real hair and then let me proceed. It was very odd!

H J Bee

Since getting my wig last summer, I traveled to California twice, Montana & Mexico. I never had a problem.


I’ve never had an issue. Traveled extensively USA-Europe and then Europe/Europe. No. One. Cares. Wigs are the best thing for travel.

La Flaneuse

For what it’s worth, two years ago I traveled to and from Turks & Caicos from the U.S. wearing a wig and was never questioned at all. This trip included going through international and U.S. clearance. In my passport picture I have short hair, and I was wearing a short wig in a different style than my picture and a slightly different color. I was oblivious to the possibility that they would notice the wig and would have been horrified! I credit wearing a rooted wig that looked so natural! :)


I have traveled extensively, both international, domestic and cruises. Never had a problem. I believe several times I did discreetly mention some bobby pins holding my wig, but it was the steel shanks in my shoes that were the problem.
Enjoy your travels! Wigs are so convenient, especially when returning from a tour or the beach and having to rush to get showered and dressed for dinner.

Kris-tina A. Wilson

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