Best Human Hair Wigs

What Are The Best Human Hair Wigs?

The best human hair wigs are luxurious, comfortable, and soft. Human hair wigs offer the most natural look & texture while giving the wearer endless styling options. If cared for properly, human hair wigs can last longer than their synthetic wig counterparts. Read on to learn the difference between Remy human hair and non-Remy human hair.

Remy Human Hair Wigs

Remy human hair is distinctive in the way that it is gathered and collected from the donor. Throughout the entire processing procedure, the hair is kept together in bundles from donor collection to the wig, hair topper, or har extension creation. This procedure keeps the hair cuticle layer running in the same direction. The cuticle layer is the outer layer of each hair strand. The layer looks like shingles on a roof, and all travel in the same direction. Keeping the hair cuticles in the same direction helps minimize tangling, gives a smooth appearance, and protects the hair from heat styling or further processing.

Hair Cuticle Diagram

Keeping the hair in these bundles during the processing and coloring process is costly, which is why you’ll notice that Remy human hair has a higher price tag. But, nothing moves and feels like this type of hair.

Non-Remy Human Hair Wigs

Non-Remy human hair is collected from multiple donors. The hair is not kept in bundles during processing since it is gathered in different directions. The wig makers remove the hair cuticle to prevent tangling during the hair processing process. If the hair cuticles are not removed, then the hair cannot process correctly and will not have the smoothest finish. 

Keep in mind that hair origin and hair grade also play a role in the quality of hair. You’ll notice that some hair is labeled European Human Hair, which means that the origin of the donor is of European descent. 

Best Human Hair Wigs

Our top picks for the best human hair wigs are:

  • - Applause by Raquel Welch
  • - Emotion by Ellen Wille
  • - Carrie by Jon Renau
  • - Alexandra Petite HT by Wig Pro


Knockout by Raquel is a layered non-Remy human hair wig. This style has a wefted cap to allow airflow to reach the scalp, while the monofilament top allows you to change your hair parting. Create a variety of looks with this luxurious style; try wearing Knockout straight and piece-y or tousled and wavy. Learn how to style human hair wigs here.


Emotion by Ellen Wille is a beautiful wig with supremely natural movement. This mid-length wig has Remy human hair giving you the softest feel and smoothest look. This quality human hair wig is ideal for those with a petite to average-sized head. Learn how to measure for wigs here

Wavy Human Hair Wig


Carrie by Jon Renau is a non-Remy human hair client favorite! Carrie is comfortable and a natural wig with a stunning lace front and open wefted back for ventilation. In one client review (scroll down on each style’s page to see reviews from clients just like you!), a Carrie wearer says that this “wig is beautiful, versatile and light.” We couldn’t agree more! Learn how to create natural waves on Carrie here

Best Human Hair Wig

Alexandra Petite HT 

Alexandra Petite HT by Wig Pro has Remy human hair that feels incredibly soft. With a monofilament top and hand-tied cap, the hair looks like it’s growing right out of the scalp! Treat this human hair investment with the utmost care. Learn how to protect your human hair wigs and toppers from the elements here.

 Long Human Hair Wig

Want to learn more about who makes the best human hair wigs? Read on!

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