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What type of wig looks the most realistic?

The right type of wig should be a perfect match for who you are. It has to feel comfortable, look realistic, has great movement, offers a variety of colors and be well made either of synthetic fiber or human hair.

When you're looking for a wig that looks the most realistic, a lace front wig is your best option. The reason why: The hair is tied by hand to a lace front cap, which creates a very natural-looking hairline. The lace front is virtually undetectable (see photo below) and looks most realistic like your bio hair.

Wish by Ellen Wille | Human Hair with Lace Front and Mono Top

Photo: Wish by Ellen Wille | 100% Human Hair with Lace Front and Monofilament Top.

In addition to an invisible hairline "lace front", you need a natural-looking scalp too. The top of the cap is made out of a mesh material that is hand-tied to create the illusion of natural hair growth. These Monofilament wigs are often used by people who have lost their hair due to medical conditions such as alopecia or chemotherapy. But also worn by people who want to change their hairstyle and like the versatility styling of parting like natural hair. Lace Front and Monofilament wigs are available in a variety of colors and hairstyles and give you the most realistic-looking wig.

What type of wig looks the most realistic? Is a Lace Front Wig with Mono Top

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Summary: The most realistic-looking wigs are made with high-quality synthetic materials or 100% human hair and have a cap construction that includes a lace front (undetectable hairline) and a monofilament top for styling and parting versatility.

If you have more questions regarding what type of wig looks the most realistic for you, please schedule a virtual consultation with one of our wig experts.

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