WigED: When looking for a wig!

WigED: When looking for a wig!

Jeanna Doyle is a rock star when it comes to make-up. She has over 25 years of experience working as a makeup artist and hairdresser.  Her area of specialty is oncology esthetics and medical make up.  In other words… there is no one Jeanna can’t make look great!

How To Find The Right Wig

In her efforts to help women take back their confidence when a medical situation has stolen it… Jeanna realized how important wigs are to a woman who has body image challenges related to hair. 


Carliz, our CEO, holding Wig Ed by Doyle


Finding the right wig is so important for a woman’s self-esteem.  When in the middle of a medical crisis like cancer, the last thing you want to be worrying about is if you are “doing it right” when it comes to wearing or choosing a wig.  Jeanna took her years of expertise and began the research process to bring wisdom to women in this predicament.  Of course, she came to Wigs.com and the team here fell in love with her and her cause.  She is a woman on a mission to help woman take back their power and have the confidence outside their cancer treatment that feels normal! 



WigED is a true celebration of beauty rather than a reminder of any illness.  You will get some great information and tips on choosing and caring for a wig.  Plus.. you will have great definitions of all the “wig terms” in the industry so you can better understand all aspects of how a wig is made.   We love and support Jeanna and thank her for her shout out to wigs.com in her book and her heart for helping women all over the world!

You can read more about Doyle's book here: http://wiged.com/


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