Wigs.com Now Carries These 4 Estetica Wigs - And You've GOT to See Them!

Wigs.com Now Carries These 4 Estetica Wigs - And You've GOT to See Them!

Are you stuck in a mid-winter hairstyle funk? Does your current wig suddenly look drab and boring? The only real way to stay on trend is to keep trying new styles that excite you. Wigs.com now has these four beautiful wigs from Estetica that will do just that And we couldn't be more excited! Estetica is well-known for its high quality, comfortable, and not to mention affordable wigs, so read on to find your new style in one of these gems!


Set the world on fire with these off-the-face cascading waves! Blaze is the type of wig you can wear to work, a fancy date, or for some late night bar-hopping without missing a beat. This glossy style boasts highly texturized locks, great length, and a wide array of eye-catching colors. For beachy blonde perfection, try it in RH12/26RT4 - A light brown with golden blonde, sun-kissed highlights. Like all lace front wigs, Blaze also features a natural hairline to ensure that no one will think twice when eyeing your new ‘do!


If you’ve been looking for a natural, casual style but aren’t interested in human hair wigs, Bay is the wig for you! This airy synthetic wig is all about softness and subtlety, and is filled with simple charm. I’d recommend Bay to almost any client—this wig flatters most facial shapes and never looks out of place. With a light bang, small waves, and a lightweight feel, Bay is the ideal low maintenance wig to wear during your day-to-day life!


For our wig wearers who prefer shorter styles, try this fun, mid-length bob! Wren is all things bright, bouncy, and bold. I love this wig’s natural movement and unique color blends—try it in Caramel Kiss  if you love golden brown with a little copper blonde in the mix! Tightly curled to perfection, Wren is simply stunning. And because it’s a synthetic wig, you won’t have to worry about losing those curls during a long day at work or a wintry walk home. Regardless of time, place, or season, you’ll be getting all the compliments for this trendy style!


If you can’t decide between Blaze and Bay, Avalon (formerly known as Aspen) might be your happy medium! Falling just below the shoulders, Avalon mixes Blaze’s textured waves with Bay’s loose, natural feel. This wig is utterly unpretentious, seamlessly layered, and has just the right amount of volume for a number of unique looks. And if you’re feeling fashion forward and looking to embrace 2019 trends, go gray with the free-flowing Avalon this season. CHROMERT1B boasts an eye-catching contrast of gray and white with off-black roots. Pair it with a cute beanie and you’ll really be turning heads!

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