Wigs For Everyone

Wigs For Everyone

In a climate where we are all focused on diversity and unity…we want to celebrate beauty! All women (all people actually) want to feel and look their best. How you feel is usually a bit of a formula:

health +spirit + mood + how you feel about how you look = my emotional temperature today!

Hair is an important piece of that because when you feel good about your hair, it sure adds positive points to that equation. In the end, hair is a small thing in the grand scheme of life...but it sure can make big difference on how we feel for the day. Although there are some out there blessed with the good hair gene, the rest of us mere mortals could use a little improvement on our hair! Wigs, hair pieces, and extensions are a great way to augment what God didn’t. Adding some oomph to your hair is super simple with top pieces or extensions. Sometimes I want to completely change my color but don’t or can’t commit to the chemical suicide that comes with some of those great vibrant hair colors. Wigs work perfectly for this! 


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What I love about where things are going with wigs is that EVERYONE is noticing them as an option. Gone are the days where you had to be losing or have unmanageable hair to want a wig. You don’t have to be battling a disease, be any certain age or ethnicity to turn to wigs as a solution for having the hair you want!  Thanks to our ever evolving world of digital media, it is more apparent how celebrities and the rest of us are turning to wigs and alternative hair as more of an accessory than necessity. And there is truly something for everyone!  Synthetic hair has become so advanced in the technology that it is really difficult to tell in its feel or movement the difference between it and human hair wigs or hair pieces. This widens the options for color and of course, gives you a huge array of price options so everyone can have access to them. 


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Thank you to those who inspire us and wear wigs loud and proud. Sometimes it takes someone with a high profile to proudly represent to make the general public feel comfortable enough to go out there and try it too!  Wigs are the ultimate accessory. The boundaries of color or hair type are being erased with the new wigs being manufactured today. Anyone can wear any wig in any category.  The African American wig lines have always been considered what is offered out there for black women. 

Not anymore…the density, textures and colors of many of the top brands are making sure their wigs are made for everyone! The good news is those of us to want to (or have to) wear wigs don’t have to worry about hiding the fact that we wear alternative hair! It is completely accepted and let’s face it, our hair looks as close to perfect when we do so it helps us with that “feel good formula” we shoot for each day! We're so thankful for the wonderful technology that is making them so natural and easy & hopeful for the day everyone has the chance to experience how transforming they can be for anyone willing to try!  


There are no limits to what wigs can do. Leave us a comment below!

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