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Losing Hair | My Hair Loss Story

Posted on February 06 2018

Naturally, when I started to wear wigs due to hair loss, I was drawn to brunette wigs to make the transition as easy as possible and to look as “normal” as possible. That worked fine for some time, but one day (5 brunette wigs later) I realized that wigs can do SO much more than make you look “normal”.

Best Sea Salt Spray

Posted on February 05 2018

Have you always wanted that beachy look without damaging your hair with the sun and salt water? Try these Top 3 Texturizing Sprays to achieve that beach bum look!

My 2018 Wig Wishlist | Amy Johnson

Posted on February 05 2018

Community blogger, Amy Johnson, shares her 2018 Wig Wishlist that includes some of the top wig brands and best hair color options! Does your Wig Wishlist match up with hers?

Rock Wigs!

Posted on February 04 2018

Be bold in 2018 with a not so bold hairstyle. Learn some tips and tricks on how to rock this bold, colored hair trend in a subtle way.

Katy Perry Hairstyles

Posted on February 04 2018

Katy Perry is one of the few stars that has managed to pull off every haircut, color or style imaginable. She first appeared on the scene in 2008 with her album One of the Boys, which featured hit songs including I Kissed a Girl and Hot n Cold.
We’ve seen her style evolve as we watched her experiment with various new cuts and colors... Keep scrolling to see Katy Perry’s best (and craziest) hair transformations!

The Latest Hair Trends

Posted on February 03 2018

How is it that we are constantly finding the latest trends in hair? We have a little kept secret that we want to share with you now. Its our favorite app for inspiring our hair tutorials and photoshoots. When we want to find the latest trend sweeping the nation we turn to Pinterest.



How To Fix a Bad, Short Haircut

Posted on February 02 2018

Common hair regrets are cutting the length too short, dying it the wrong color, using the wrong products, and causing too much heat damage. Rather than making an impulsive decision, read these tips to find ways to fix your mistake!

5 Ways To Smooth Out Your Haircare Routine When Traveling

Posted on February 02 2018

Whether you are traveling for work or about to embark on a dream vacation, the one thing you don’t want slowing you down is your hair care routine. In our fast-paced world, you need something that will pack light, style quickly, and not hold you up at airport security.

Hair Essentials

Posted on February 01 2018

You’ve got things to do, places to go, and people to see. The good news is that you can skip the high hair maintenance and be out the door in ten minutes with these few simple weekend hair hacks. Try these easy hairstyles for dirty hair and you’ll spend the weekend stress-free and in-style!

What Does Conditioner Do?

Posted on January 31 2018

Do you really need hair conditioner? We discuss some of the most frequently asked conditioning questions and offer up answers and advice from personal experience. We discuss some of the most frequently asked conditioning questions and offer up answers and advice from personal experience.

Strong Is The New Pretty

Posted on January 30 2018

This week we are featuring three empowering women who have shared their journey with us on our Facebook Testimonial Page. Our customers inspire us everyday and remind us that strong is the new sexy!

Best Drug Store Dry Shampoo

Posted on January 29 2018

Who doesn't use dry shampoo at least once a week?! We love dry shampoo and we love these top 3 dry shampoos at the drugstore.

Repair Severely Chemically Damaged Hair

Posted on January 28 2018

Have you over styled your hair this year with heat tools? Check out our recommendations for how to repair damaged hair from the comfort of your own home!

Grammy Hairstyles

Posted on January 28 2018

The 60th annual Grammy Awards are fast approaching, which means Grammy buzz is in full swing. Let's throw it back and talk about some of our favorite hair looks from last year’s Grammy Awards that left us feeling inspired.

Perfect Ideas For Valentine's Day

Posted on January 22 2018

From the hair to makeup to clothes, your valentine's day look can be a decision that takes the whole week leading up to it to plan out. But there are a few tricks I have learned to help me figure out what the perfect look will be. 

2018 Hair Trends Female

Posted on January 03 2018

Trend Alert! We have four hair trends you have got to try out in 2018 - these are the must have looks for the new year!

Cheers To Wigs!

Posted on January 02 2018

Cheers to a fresh new year!  Can you believe it is 2018?  What happened to 2017?  Didn’t it go by in a blink of an eye?!  The new year always brings a renewing of our ways.  Reassessing our life and our habits is a common occurrence and I don’t know...

Merry Christmas from!

Posted on December 25 2017

    What a wonderful time of the year:  Stressing over presents, making a list, losing your list, making a new list, planning your holiday gathering…What will you wear?  “It’s the most wonderful time of the year"…Yeah right! Christmas time should be a time to reflect on all the things...

Thank you for your purchase!

Posted on November 13 2017

  We want you to meet Becca!  Becca is a true warrior with a heart for others. She had to fight cancer at eight years old… and won!     Most people (especially kids) would shake off this ugly experience and move on with their life and leave the 'C word'...


Posted on November 09 2017

Shopping for wigs online makes life easy! Not getting your order… Not so much! ☹ It is an unfortunate fact of life that shopping online, although super convenient, can come with its frustrations. If you happen to be buying a wig or hairpiece that is popular, you can most likely experience the...

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