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At we've always taken pride and joy in how alternative hair has helped plenty of our wonderful customers find joy and confidence. We've asked you to share your heartwarming stories and moments when wearing a wig brought confidence, joy, laughter, and hope.

Choosing Joy & Self Acceptance

(Wearing: Simmer by Raquel Welch in RL12/22SS)



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I have been wearing wigs for 10 years since receiving the diagnosis of alopecia areata in 2013. I’ll never forget my first wig- Jon Renau “Heidi” in 24BT18S8. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to try a variety of different wigs in all colors, lengths and hair types- and I love rocking them all! Honestly, I would continue to wear hair even if my bio hair grew back- that’s how much I’ve come to love wearing wigs. 


 I have not always been in a place of joy and confidence when it comes to alternative hair, however. For example, I used to be extremely self-conscious when others would compliment my “hair”. I felt like everyone was looking at me and could tell I had a wig on. I wouldn’t even allow myself to accept the simple gift of a compliment because I was so unsure of myself! Thankfully I learned to embrace wearing wigs and have learned how to gracefully accept compliments when I get them (because even though it’s a wig, it is still MY hair!).


 Regardless of whether we’re wearing a wig or rocking a bald head, we always must remember to be kind and gentle with ourselves. It is in this spirit of self-love that I’d like to pass along some of the wisdom I wish I’d had in the beginning. This is why I am grateful to for the opportunity to share some of the most important things I’ve learned during my hair loss journey:


 1) First of all, wearing hair doesn’t mean you stop living and loving your life! I’ve worn wigs while on vacation at the beach, running 5K’s and blind dates. I even wore a wig when I had surgery several years ago! Whatever I’m doing, my “helper hair” is very much a part of who I am. 


 2) I’ve also learned the importance of cultivating relationships with others struggling with hair loss. There is an absolutely amazing community out there where I’m inspired every day by others going through the same thing. We all have those hard days, and it is so important during those times to know that you’re NEVER alone. 


 3) Finally, I’ve learned to appreciate the positive aspects of wearing wigs. Let’s be honest- wearing hair is just fun! There are so many colors, styles and lengths to play with. Also, wearing alternative hair saves me a ton of time getting ready every morning. And that means I get to spend more time doing things with the people I love :) 


 These lessons from my hair loss journey empower me to unapologetically own this part of who I am every day. I love that there’s always something new to experience when it comes to wig wearing (for example, I would love to try a pink wig such as “Dare to Be” by Raquel Welch!) . I am thankful to for the opportunity to share my story, and I hope this will inspire someone else out there to show up for yourself, rock that alternative hair, and most importantly, CHOOSE JOY!

(Wearing: Sweet Talk by Gabor in Caramel)

Alexandra's STORY 

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I started losing my hair in January of 2020… the pandemic hit and all stores were closed and it was hard and unwise to try to get into a doctors office to figure out why I might’ve been losing my hair. Fast forward a few months and I was completely bald. I was diagnosed with alopecia universalis but didn’t have the money for a wig. So I wore caps and head scarves every single day. I was able to get away with it mostly because we were all still on lockdown. But the first time I went out in public for longer than a short grocery run, I was stared at constantly. Every time I turned, I noticed someone staring at me with my cap on. I was so uncomfortable and self conscious that I went home and immediately started googling wigs. That’s how I found and honestly, I’ve never looked back. The first time I put a wig on, I cried. I felt like myself again. It’s been 3 years since I first started losing my hair and I’m starting to come to terms with it and go bald a little more around family and friends. But I still wear wigs almost every day and love the ability to change out styles and colors whenever I feel like it :)

(Wearing: Breezy Wavez by Rene of Paris)



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I feel beautiful in my wigs. It brings me joy to be able to truly show my young daughter what confidence looks like.

Choosing Joy & Strength

(Wearing: Wavy Day by Raquel Welch)



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I lost my hair after I was hospitalized with Covid Pneumonia and was given an antiviral to keep me off the ventilator. Unfortunately the side effect from the antiviral caused my hair to fall out. I have lost 80 % of my hair. The thing that I love about wigs the most is that I have been able to find wigs that actually look like what my bio hair did. Wavy Day and Simmer! No one but my husband and 13 year old son and of course my doctors know I lost my hair. I have so much confidence again because of these wonderful wigs aka Helper Hair.

(Wearing: Soft & Subtle Petite by Gabor)

jennafer'S STORY 

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It’s so hard to choose just one story; I’ve been wearing wigs since I was in high school, so it’s been over a decade for me! I came of age in wigs: got my first boyfriend, went to prom, applied for colleges. Then I lived my 20’s in wigs: think bonfires in autumn, surrounded by friends with guitars and banjos and fiddles, then dragging myself out of bed early the next day for Intro to Psych and a double shift at the Thai restaurant downtown. I graduated college in a wig, started my career in a wig, finished grad school in a wig. I got married in a wig, went into labor in a wig… I’ve lived my life in wigs. And because it’s life, it hasn’t always been pleasant. But feeling beautiful in my wigs, and in my body, has been beyond empowering—especially as I’ve grown up. My wigs have transitioned with me through hopeful innocence, to happily mischievous, to cautiously confident, then self-assured. In fact I found myself on today because as I look in the mirror, my body so changed by the beautiful, smiling child in my arms, I think I’m moving on from the easy, playful beach waves of my late-20’s. I started my journey as an anxious teen in a simple bob…and I’m a mom now. I’m a licensed therapist. I’m a sister, survivor, a friend and partner. And I’m happy. It probably sounds cliche, but I really don’t think I would have grown into the person I am today without the freedom and confidence of wigs.

(Wearing: Ignite by Jon Renau)



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 Since Covid, I have lost a considerable amount of hair. I was very apprehensive and scared to wear a wig, but with my daughter's Bridal Shower, I was desparate to try anything to improve my look. To my surprise, everyone was complimenting me on my hair and could not believe it was a wig. I was so conscientious about my hair loss and elated how natural the wig looked on me. It felt light and airy and fit my head perfectly -- I could not have asked for anything better!

Choosing Joy & hope

(Wearing: Avalon by Estetica)



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I started losing my hair in my early 20's and by my 30's most of the hair on top of my head was gone. At that time, I never considered wigs because I thought you could always tell when a woman was wearing one. I tried fibers and specific hairstyles and they helped but the hair loss continued and eventually these "tricks" didn't work anymore. Finally, about 5 years ago I started to consider wigs. At first I only considered human hair because, again, I thought it was easy to spot a woman wearing a synthetic wig. Finally, about 2 years ago I bought my first synthetic wig. WOW!!! I was SO wrong!! Since I was going with a full wig anyway, I thought I might step away from my dark brown color and go for a platinum blonde wig. I chose Avalon by Estetica. I got SO much attention, all of it positive!! Men and women alike commented about how lovely they thought my hair was. My confidence soared. I just wish I had given wigs a try 25 years ago, it would have saved me so much time, money and self-assurance.

(Wearing: Emilia by Jon Renau)

Lynnette'S STORY 

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I began my wig journey late in 2022. After years (a lifetime) of having thin, unmanageable hair, I decided to plunge in with both feet. Since the day my first wig arrived, I haven't gone to work one day, or out for any occasion with my "bio" hair; it's a different wig every day! The wigs were so much drastically better than my bio hair that there really was no hiding it, so I started from the beginning embracing it and telling everyone; changing styles and colors daily. And I've posted each wig on social media, just so others could see what a difference great hair makes and how you can embrace this and make it fun. Of course it has been a joy for me; significantly better hair than I've ever had, reduces the time to get ready in the morning by more than half, and my husband thinks it is fun and exciting to see what I will look like each day! What I didn't anticipate, was how my journey has helped others, and the huge network of wig sisters I would come to know and love. Everywhere I go, people want to know all about wearing a wig and at least twice a month I meet someone who has wanted to buy a wig but was afraid. I've had at least 4 close friends become wig wearers themselves since my journey began 9 months ago, and countless Facebook and Instagram friends. I will help anyone as much as I can to navigate the process. My most recent rewarding experience was going to a gathering of high school friends, and a few of them asked me to bring some of my wigs. I had 4 women who wanted to try them on, and when they saw their transformations, they paraded out to the pool area like they were walking the runway! Then they swapped and tried on different wigs and took pictures. This was especially great because one of the women there needs and wants desperately to solve her serious hair thinning problem and we all gave her the confidence to start her journey and embrace the joy of confidence and looking good! Wigs = Joy!!!

(Wearing: Arrow  by Ellen Wille)



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When I was fairly new to wearing wigs and losing my hair, I worried about people knowing it was a wig or being treated differently. I was definitely treated differently in a good way! Whenever I wear a wig, I’ll always get compliments on my hair and am asked who does it. Sometimes I wink and lift up the front and other times just say thank you or I just got it and leave them wondering. The first Christmas I wore a wig, my nieces were fascinated by it. They asked if they could hold it and try it on. To hear them tell each other they look so good felt like my heart would burst! These young girls not only felt beautiful, but they were showering each other with compliments. You could see confidence just in how their posture changed and the smiles on their faces. I’m elated that current and future generations no longer see alternative hair as something to hide or be ashamed of. I’m so grateful to the brave men and women who have selflessly put themselves out there to normalize wig wearing. Wearing alternative hair is a personal choice. It may not be for everyone but for me, it makes me feel even more beautiful and confident. It also saves me oodles of time when I am getting ready by having perfect hair in a matter of seconds!

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